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Trait has table has history page


Evasive Powder Keg Evasive Powder Keg 0No 0No
Reserve Mines Reserve Mines 0No 0No
Steel-Packed Powder Steel-Packed Powder 0No 0No
Acidic Elixirs Acidic Elixirs 0No 0No
Shrapnel Shrapnel 0No 0No
Forceful Explosives Forceful Explosives 0No 0No
Empowering Adrenaline Empowering Adrenaline 0No 0No
Accelerant-Packed Turrets Accelerant-Packed Turrets 0No 0No
Exploit Weakness Exploit Weakness 0No 0No
Explosive Powder Explosive Powder 0No 0No
Short Fuse Short Fuse 0No 0No
Incendiary Powder Incendiary Powder 0No 0No
Enhance Performance Enhance Performance 0No 0No
Grenadier Grenadier 0No 0No
Autodefense Bomb Dispenser Autodefense Bomb Dispenser 0No 0No
Synaptic Overload Synaptic Overload 0No 0No


Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0No 0No
Target the Weak (engineer) Target the Weak (engineer) 0No 0No
Target the Maimed Target the Maimed 0No 0No
Fireforged Trigger Fireforged Trigger 0No 0No
Sitting Duck Sitting Duck 0No 0No
Infused Precision Infused Precision 0No 0No
Rifled Barrels Rifled Barrels 0No 0No
Precise Sights Precise Sights 0No 0No
Hair Trigger Hair Trigger 0No 0No
Coated Bullets Coated Bullets 0No 0No
Juggernaut Juggernaut 0No 0No
Rifle Mod Rifle Mod 0No 0No
Go for the Eyes (engineer) Go for the Eyes 0No 0No
Modified Ammunition Modified Ammunition 0No 0No
Napalm Specialist Napalm Specialist 0No 0No
Bunker Down Bunker Down 0No 0No


Low Health Response System Low-Health Response System 0No 0No
Automated Medical Response Automated Medical Response 0No 0No
Performance Enhancement Performance Enhancement 0No 0No
Protective Shield Protective Shield 0No 0No
Explosive Descent Explosive Descent 0No 0No
Metal Plating Metal Plating 0No 0No
Stabilized Armor Stabilized Armor 0No 0No
Energized Armor Energized Armor 0No 0No
Cloaking Device Cloaking Device 0No 0No
Reinforced Shield Reinforced Shield 0No 0No
Power Shoes Power Shoes 0No 0No
Elite Supplies Elite Supplies 0No 0No
Autotool Installation Autotool Installation 0No 0No
Elixir-Infused Bombs Elixir-Infused Bombs 0No 0No
Rifled Turret Barrels Rifled Turret Barrels 0No 0No
Fortified Turrets Fortified Turrets 0No 0No


Hidden Flask Hidden Flask 0No 0No
Transmute Transmute 0No 0No
Energy Conversion Matrix Energy Conversion Matrix 0No 0No
Invigorating Speed Invigorating Speed 0No 0No
Fast-Acting Elixirs Fast-Acting Elixirs 0No 0No
Acidic Coating Acidic Coating 0No 0No
Self-Regulating Defenses Emergency Elixir 0No 0No
Blood Injection Blood Injection 0No 0No
Protection Injection Protection Injection 0No 0No
Deadly Mixture Deadly Mixture 0No 0No
Potent Elixirs Potent Elixirs 0No 0No
Backpack Regenerator Backpack Regenerator 0No 0No
Cleaning Formula 409 Cleaning Formula 409 0No 0No
Automated Response Automated Response 0No 0No
Experimental Turrets Experimental Turrets 0No 0No


Adrenaline Pump Adrenaline Pump 0No 0No
Inertial Converter Inertial Converter 0No 0No
Enduring Damage (engineer) Enduring Damage 0No 0No
Always Prepared Always Prepared 0No 0No
Static Discharge Static Discharge 0No 0No
Speedy Gadgets Speedy Gadgets 0No 0No
Kit Refinement Kit Refinement 0No 0No
Deployable Turrets Deployable Turrets 0No 0No
Speedy Kits Speedy Kits 0No 0No
Packaged Stimulants Packaged Stimulants 0No 0No
Power Wrench Power Wrench 0No 0No
Scope (trait) Scope 0No 0No
Leg Mods Leg Mods 0No 0No
Armor Mods Armor Mods 0No 0No
Adrenal Implant Adrenal Implant 0No 0No
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Knee Shot Knee Shot 0No 0No
Stabilization Core Stabilization Core 0No 0No


Trait has table has history page


Opening Strike Opening Strike 0No 0No
Alpha Training Alpha Training 0No 0No
Precise Strike Precise Strike 0No 0No
Steady Focus Steady Focus 0No 0No
Malicious Training Malicious Training 0No 0No
Keen Edge Keen Edge 0No 0No
Signet Mastery (ranger) Signet Mastery 0No 0No
Predator's Instinct Predator's Instinct 0No 0No
Beastmaster's Bond Beastmaster's Bond 0No 0No
Spotter Spotter 0No 0No
Piercing Arrows Piercing Arrows 0No 0No
Beastmaster's Might Beastmaster's Might 0No 0No
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 0No 0No
Predator's Onslaught Predator's Onslaught 0No 0No
Remorseless Remorseless 0No 0No
Read the Wind Read the Wind 0No 0No


Tail Wind Tail Wind 0No 0No
Furious Grip Furious Grip 0No 0No
Hunter's Tactics Hunter's Tactics 0No 0No
Pet's Prowess Pet's Prowess 0No 0No
Sharpened Edges Sharpened Edges 0No 0No
Trapper's Defense Trapper's Defense 0No 0No
Primal Reflexes Primal Reflexes 0No 0No
Companion's Might Companion's Might 0No 0No
Agility Training Agility Training 0No 0No
Carnivorous Appetite Carnivorous Appetite 0No 0No
Trapper's Expertise Trapper's Expertise 0No 0No
Honed Axes Honed Axes 0No 0No
Quick Draw Quick Draw 0No 0No
Trap Potency Trap Potency 0No 0No
Moment of Clarity Moment of Clarity 0No 0No
Strider's Defense Strider's Defense 0No 0No

Wilderness Survival[edit]

Natural Vigor Natural Vigor 0No 0No
Companion's Defense Companion's Defense 0No 0No
Peak Strength Peak Strength 0No 0No
Soften the Fall Child of Earth 0No 0No
Healer's Celerity Healer's Celerity 0No 0No
Shared Anguish Shared Anguish 0No 0No
Vigorous Renewal Vigorous Renewal 0No 0No
Expertise Training Taste for Danger 0No 0No
Wilderness Knowledge Wilderness Knowledge 0No 0No
Off-Hand Training Off-Hand Training 0No 0No
Oakheart Salve Oakheart Salve 0No 0No
Hide in Plain Sight Hide in Plain Sight 0No 0No
Martial Mastery Martial Mastery 0No 0No
Empathic Bond Empathic Bond 0No 0No
Bark Skin Bark Skin 0No 0No
Poison Master Poison Master 0No 0No

Nature Magic[edit]

Rejuvenation Rejuvenation 0No 0No
Fortifying Bond Fortifying Bond 0No 0No
Bountiful Hunter Bountiful Hunter 0No 0No
Circle of Life Circle of Life 0No 0No
Concentration Training Concentration Training 0No 0No
Nature's Bounty Nature's Bounty 0No 0No
Vigorous Spirits Vigorous Spirits 0No 0No
Strength of Spirit Strength of Spirit 0No 0No
Nature's Protection Nature's Protection 0No 0No
Spirits Unbound Spirits Unbound 0No 0No
Evasive Purity Evasive Purity 0No 0No
Two-Handed Training Two-Handed Training 0No 0No
Enlargement Enlargement 0No 0No
Nature's Vengeance Nature's Vengeance 0No 0No
Nature's Voice Nature's Voice 0No 0No
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest 0No 0No


Instinctual Bond Instinctual Bond 0No 0No
Loud Whistle Loud Whistle 0No 0No
Nature's Wrath Nature's Wrath 0No 0No
Speed Training Speed Training 0No 0No
Master's Bond Master's Bond 0No 0No
Shout Master Shout Master 0No 0No
Compassion Training Compassion Training 0No 0No
Commanding Voice Commanding Voice 0No 0No
Mighty Swap Mighty Swap 0No 0No
Rending Attacks Rending Attacks 0No 0No
Stability Training Stability Training 0No 0No
Intimidation Training Intimidation Training 0No 0No
Vigorous Training Vigorous Training 0No 0No
Zephyr's Speed (ranger) Zephyr's Speed 0No 0No
Natural Healing (ranger trait) Natural Healing 0No 0No
Invigorating Bond Invigorating Bond 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Signet of the Beastmaster Signet of the Beastmaster 0No 0No
Spiritual Knowledge Spiritual Knowledge 0No 0No


Trait has table has history page

Deadly Arts[edit]

Serpent's Touch Serpent's Touch 0No 0No
Lotus Poison Lotus Poison 0No 0No
Exposed Weakness Exposed Weakness 0No 0No
Back Fighting Back Fighting 0No 0No
Corrosive Traps Corrosive Traps 0No 0No
Mug Mug 0No 0No
Venomous Strength Venomous Strength 0No 0No
Potent Poison Potent Poison 0No 0No
Sundering Strikes Sundering Strikes 0No 0No
Improvisation Improvisation 0No 0No
Quick Venoms Quick Venoms 0No 0No
Dagger Training Dagger Training 0No 0No
Combined Training Combined Training 0No 0No
Panic Strike Panic Strike 0No 0No
Residual Venom Residual Venom 0No 0No
Revealed Training Revealed Training 0No 0No

Critical Strikes[edit]

Keen Observer Keen Observer 0No 0No
Opportunist (thief) Opportunist 0No 0No
First Strikes First Strikes 0No 0No
Furious Retaliation Furious Retaliation 0No 0No
Signets of Power Signets of Power 0No 0No
Side Strike Side Strike 0No 0No
Concealed Defeat Concealed Defeat 0No 0No
Pistol Mastery Pistol Mastery 0No 0No
Practiced Tolerance Practiced Tolerance 0No 0No
Ankle Shots Ankle Shots 0No 0No
Signet Use Signet Use 0No 0No
Combo Critical Chance Combo Critical Chance 0No 0No
Critical Haste Critical Haste 0No 0No
Executioner Executioner 0No 0No
Hidden Killer Hidden Killer 0No 0No
Invigorating Precision Invigorating Precision 0No 0No

Shadow Arts[edit]

Last Refuge Last Refuge 0No 0No
Meld with Shadows Meld with Shadows 0No 0No
Hidden Assassin Hidden Assassin 0No 0No
Master of Deception Master of Deception 0No 0No
Slowed Pulse Slowed Pulse 0No 0No
Shadow Protector Shadow Protector 0No 0No
Shadow's Embrace Shadow's Embrace 0No 0No
Infusion of Shadow Infusion of Shadow 0No 0No
Cloaked in Shadow Cloaked in Shadow 0No 0No
Power Shots Power Shots 0No 0No
Hidden Thief Hidden Thief 0No 0No
Leeching Venoms Leeching Venoms 0No 0No
Patience Patience 0No 0No
Shadow's Rejuvenation Shadow's Rejuvenation 0No 0No
Venomous Aura Venomous Aura 0No 0No
Resilience of Shadows Resilience of Shadows 0No 0No


Expeditious Dodger Expeditious Dodger 0No 0No
Feline Grace Feline Grace 0No 0No
Fluid Strikes Fluid Strikes 0No 0No
Descent of Shadows Descent of Shadows 0No 0No
Power of Inertia Power of Inertia 0No 0No
Vigorous Recovery Vigorous Recovery 0No 0No
Assassin's Retreat Assassin's Retreat 0No 0No
Master Trapper Master Trapper 0No 0No
Fleet Shadow Fleet Shadow 0No 0No
Fleet of Foot Fleet of Foot 0No 0No
Pain Response Pain Response 0No 0No
Quick Recovery Quick Recovery 0No 0No
Hard to Catch Hard to Catch 0No 0No
Assassin's Reward Assassin's Reward 0No 0No
Quick Pockets Quick Pockets 0No 0No
Assassin's Equilibrium Assassin's Equilibrium 0No 0No


Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac 0No 0No
Preparedness Preparedness 0No 0No
Lead Attacks Lead Attacks 0No 0No
Merciful Ambush Merciful Ambush 0No 0No
Instinctual Response Instinctual Response 0No 0No
Uncatchable Uncatchable 0No 0No
Flanking Strikes Flanking Strikes 0No 0No
Thrill of the Crime Thrill of the Crime 0No 0No
Long Reach Long Reach 0No 0No
Bountiful Theft Bountiful Theft 0No 0No
Trickster Trickster 0No 0No
Initial Strike Initial Strike 0No 0No
Ricochet (trait) Ricochet 0No 0No
Hastened Replenishment Hastened Replenishment 0No 0No
Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand 0No 0No
Bewildering Ambush Bewildering Ambush 0No 0No