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  • Trait
  • Specialization
  • Tier (optional)
  • Type (optional)


{{User:Alcahata/sandbox|Illusionary Inspiration|Inspiration|Grandmaster}}<!--
-->{{User:Alcahata/sandbox|Mental Defense|Inspiration}}<!--
-->{{User:Alcahata/sandbox|Blurred Inscriptions|Domination}}

Inspiration Inspiration

Domination Domination

Intended Use[edit]

{{#ask: [[:+]][[Has context::Trait]][[Has availability::Current]][[Is for profession::Thief]][[Is in trait line::Trickery]] OR [[Keen Observer||Practiced Tolerance||Twin Fangs||Hidden Killer]] OR [[Merciful Ambush||Last Refuge]] OR [[Revealed Training]]
| ?Is in trait line
| ?Has trait tier
| link = none
| limit = 500
| sort = Is in trait line,Has trait tier number,Has trait position number
| order = asc,asc,asc
| format = template
| template = User:Alcahata/sandbox
| intro = == Related [[trait]]s ==

or something like that (with an actual query for related traits). Result:

Related traits

Critical Strikes Critical Strikes

Deadly Arts Deadly Arts

Shadow Arts Shadow Arts

  • Merciful Ambush Merciful Ambush (Adept) — When you apply stealth to an ally, they heal and revive over a short duration. Stealth yourself and your target when reviving an ally.

Trickery Trickery