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Adrenal Mushrooms

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mastery track. For the mechanic it unlocks, see Adrenal Mushroom.

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Adrenal Mushrooms

12 Heart of Thorns mastery point

Heart of Thorns
Itzel Lore

Before completion: Learning to eat these mushrooms tweaks your adrenal glands, giving you a surge of adrenaline and instantly refreshing your skills. 

After completion: Adrenal mushrooms can be found rarely in the Heart of Maguuma. Simply move near or pass through adrenal mushrooms to have all your skills instantly refreshed.

— In-game description


Although the description claims Adrenal Mushrooms refresh all skills, they actually reduce the cooldown of all skills by 1200 seconds (20 minutes), and for ammunition skills they restore 3 charges.
  • Adrenal Mushrooms also refill all profession-specific resources such as Adrenaline, Initiative, Life force and Energy.
    • It will not affect professions mechanics that are not a resource or skill, such as hits to trigger Virtue of Justice and Pet health.
  • Individual Adrenal Mushrooms have a cooldown of 30s.
  • If a skill that summons a creature doesn't have a sequence skill, and doesn't kill the existing creature when the new one is summoned, Adrenal Mushrooms allow having multiple summons at the same time.
    • This includes all racial skills that summon a creature or object, Mistfire Wolf, and summoned thieves.
    • Fire Elemental Powder and Pocket Jade Armor only allow for one summon between the two consumables at a time.
    • Chronomancers can double the number of summons thanks to Continuum Split, allowing a chronomancer to summon up to 16 racial summons, if they have a racial skill that summons 2 creatures in those spots with 3 adrenaline mushrooms in close distance from each other, such as the platform where the tetrad of Mordrem champions is fought.