Green World Citadel

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Green World Citadel

1Waypoint (tango icon).png 1Vista.png

Green World Citadel map.jpg
Map of Green World Citadel

Green World Citadel locator.svg
Location within Green Alpine Borderlands

Green World Citadel is the main spawning point of the Green team in Green Borderlands. It cannot be overrun by the opposing teams due to the number of powerful NPCs, giving the green team a final place to fall back if they lose everything else. The other team's citadels, the Blue World Citadel and the Red World Citadel, exist in each team's respective Borderlands zone. Each team's citadel has identical NPCs, services, WvW tutorials, trait retraining, crafting, repairs, weapons, and armor.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Green World Citadel Waypoint —
Vista.png Green Citadel Vista —
Approach the house with the vista on it from the west, and climb the beam to reach the roof.
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Eternal Battlegrounds
Asura gate (map icon).png Blue Borderlands
Asura gate (map icon).png Red Borderlands
Asura gate (map icon).png Lion's Arch






During Wintersday