Super Adventurer's Quest 2

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Super Adventurer's Quest 2 is a Super Adventure Box achievement which unlocks the ability to exchange the Whip skill for a Boomerang and vice versa.


Super Adventurer's Quest 2 Super Adventure Box: World 2 5Achievement points
Find secret items in the Adventure Box to trade your way to a new upgrade! 1 Item Found 0Achievement points
5 Items Found 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Zone Last Checkpoint Description
Legendary Cheese.png Legendary Cheese PROGENY TIP: Buried next to a RACING CACTUS! Zone 1 Start Use  
Dig (Nice Scoop).png
 Dig next to Gourdon the Racing Choya.
Mythic Cake.png Mythic Cake PROGENY TIP: Rescue the trespasser frozen by a YETI! Zone 3 Checkpoint 9 From the checkpoint at the yeti, head right and use the  
Wooden Whistle (skill).png
 Wooden Whistle to play the Gatekeeper's Lullaby (3-3-2-3-3-1) to open Hidden Room #17. Use the whistle again to play the Shatter Serenade (1-3-3-1-3-3) to shatter the ice around the Raccoon. Speak to the raccoon to exchange the cheese for cake.
Fabled Drumstick.png Fabled Drumstick PROGENY TIP: Use a SECRET SONG to reach the picnic in the CLIFFS! Zone 2 Start Climb the tree at the start until you reach the small Infantile Cloud. Use the Wooden Whistle to play the Secret Song (1-2-3-1-2-3) to spawn a path of super clouds leading to a group of Happy Clouds having a picnic. Offer them the cake in exchange for a drumstick.
Epic Apple.png Epic Apple PROGENY TIP: A BEE DOG can reach the secret tree in the HUB! Hub -
  1. Transform into a Bee Dog
    1. Head to the underground section of the Hub.
    2. Use the Bouncy Mushroom to take you to the clouds above the fountain.
    3. Jump into the barrel of the cannon that aims towards the front gate.
    4. Head to the group of bee dogs and walk onto the honeycomb to transform into a bee dog.
      • Note that some of the jumps may be easier with the
        SAB Cloud Icon.png
        Speed Boost that spawns during the race.
  2. Head to the underground section of the Hub.
  3. Fly to the tree on an elevated platform, and fertilize the tree with the drumstick in exchange for the apple.
Incredible Reward.png Incredible Prize PROGENY TIP: The PRIZE DISPENSER is set up at the end of the RAPIDS! Zone 1 Checkpoint 10 Head to the ledge above Betty Bauble. Use the  
Torch (skill).png
 Torch to gain access to the plateau and speak to the Hillbilly next to the vending machine. Giving him the apple will allow you to use the vending machine to freely swap between the Whip and Boomerang.


  • All items can only be acquired in the order presented.
  • All items can also be acquired in Infantile Mode.
    • While Gourdon is not present in Infantile Mode, the chest containing the  Legendary Cheese.png Legendary Cheese can still be dug up at the location he normally would be at.
  • All characters may obtain a Boomerang from the vending machine once this achievement has been completed.


  • The "Progeny Tip" applied to each item is a reference to protips from GamePro magazine.

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