Storm Wizard

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Storm Wizard

Storm Wizard.jpg

Storm Top
Storm Wizard (true form).jpg

The true form of the Storm Wizard.

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I'm the STORM WIZARD. You can't evade my wrath!

— Storm Wizard

The Storm Wizard is the the end boss of Storm Top and the final boss of World 2 in Super Adventure Box. During Tribulation Mode, he is aided by Lightning Balls which spawn and chase after players. Once defeated, he unleashes his second and final form, that of a dragon, and his health doubles from his base form. In this form it is revealed why he is called the Storm Wizard as he summons Lightning Balls, strikes the outside platforms with lightning bolts, and fires a lightning attack.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

  • Will surround himself with an electric shield that makes him invulnerable to your attacks.
  • When his shield is shattered by reflecting his projectiles back at him, he will angrily stomp to a new location before using Teleport.
  • When his health drops under 50%, he will begin rushing at the player instead of stomping about while his shield is down.
  • Electrify - Launches three projectiles at a player.
    • Use Push to reflect projectile and break his shield.
  • Charge - Charges and knocks down a player. Storm Wizard uses this ability when he is below 50% health.
  • Teleport - Teleports to a different location on the platform.

Phase 2[edit]

  • Determined.png - Disappears for roughly 15 seconds while stunned.
  • Summons two rounds of Lightning Balls to attack the player before Electrifying the central platform, forcing the player to jump to one of the outer segments.
  • While the central platform is Electrified, he will dive down beneath the arena and reappear underneath the player's platform a few seconds later, destroying it. Be sure to jump to an adjacent segment before he reappears.
  • Destroying a platform will cause him to crash land on the central platform, stunned. He will be vulnerable to damage during this time.
  • Summons - Summons Lightning Balls to chase after players.
  • Electrify - Breathes lightning which causes continual damage.
  • Break - Flies underneath and breaks one of the outer platforms.


  • Unlike most bosses, the Storm Wizard can be stunned with a Whip during the first phase.
  • Moto's Finger will only work on him in his dragon form from the front (marked by the warp pad). From other angles, other parts of him will cause the attack to be obstructed.
  • The dragon form has two hit boxes that are very close together. Effectively, any damage done to it is doubled.
  • In case the Storm Wizard manages to destroy all 8 floating platforms without the player defeating him in between, 8 new ones will spawn as soon as the last one is destroyed.