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25 Bauble

Used for opening chests.

— Vendor description

Keys are used to open chests inside Super Adventure Box.


  • On a rock at the far edge of the pond immediately right of the spawn point in World 1 Zone 1.

Sold by[edit]

Dropped by[edit]

Keys will only drop in Normal or Tribulation Mode; typically from mobs that spawn near a chest.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Attack (Key).png Attack 0.25¼ Attack your foes with your key.
2 Unlock (Key).png Unlock 0.25¼ 2 Use this to open a locked chest.


  • While the key can be used as a weapon, it is slower and has less range.
  • In World 1 Zone 1, there is a free key lying on the rock in front of the first chest.
  • In any other area that has a chest, you may obtain keys from the foes listed above. 1 key per party member will be distributed randomly among the enemies in the area.
    • In World 2 Zone 2, one particular Assassin near the first chest will always have a Key.
  • If you are carrying a Key when you transition between zones, you will start the next zone holding the Key.
  • If you fall and die (no hearts left) then the key is destroyed.