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Disambig icon.png This article is about the green Super Adventure Box NPC. For other NPCs named Ooze, see Ooze (disambiguation).


Ooze (green).jpg

50, 100
Sunny Glade
Dark Woods
Kingdom of Fungus
Pain Cliffs
Storm Top
Test Zone
Ooze sleeping.jpg

Initial appearance.

Stunned Ooze.jpg

A Stunned Ooze.

Not particularly tame.

— Ooze

Sleeping Ooze can be found inside Super Adventure Box. If dug up with a Digger or Nice Scoop, they will attack nearby players at which point they can be stunned and carried to an Ooze Farmer. Oozes in Test Zone are always immediately aggressive.


For exact locations see: Ooze Herding
Maguuma Jungle


  • Purchased from a hidden shop (Shop #1) in Test Zone for 25 Bauble.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • If picked up by a player, they will do a half heart of damage every 10 seconds until the player has no more health.
  • Tackle - jumps out at their enemy


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  • Aggressive Oozes found in Test Zone have 100 health and drops baubles or food, while the summoned variant by the Cage has only 50 health and doesn't drop anything.
  • Instead of being carried like the Piranhas, the Ooze will, depending on the players race, sit on top of the player's head or on their upper back. The ooze will be removed if the player goes through a portal.
  • Oozes will be dropped if the player dodges or dies, allowing other players to pick them up.
  • Oozes will respawn in their initial location so it is impossible to run out of oozes. There are 5 oozes per instance initially, enough for a full party.
  • After being turned into a Stunned Ooze, they will stay in the location for 30 seconds before vanishing back to their initial sleeping location.