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Grumpy Clouds are NPCs found inside Super Adventure Box that block players from a location or route. They are mostly found in Tribulation Mode to prevent players from going a way other than the intended route, though one also appears in the Hub to prevent players from going inside the hole where the NPC parade starts and ends.


Maguuma Jungle


  • Cannot be attacked or killed.
  • Is completely immobile.
  • They appear instantly if a player gets close, and will disappear after about 3-5 seconds. It will instantly reappear if the player tries to go the wrong way again.
  • A few seconds after it appears in Tribulation Mode, the Grumpy Cloud will electrify itself. This will knock back anyone within a short range.
  • May be used as a stepping stone. Be sure to do so only before or after it has used its electric attack.


  • Prior to the release of the Super Grumpy Cloud decoration, the Grumpy Cloud had no official name, but Anet staffers working on SAB nicknamed it the "No Cloud", and players often refer to it as the "No No Cloud".