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Storm Top

The Yeti is a mini boss found inside Super Adventure Box in World 2, Zone 3. Defeating him will reveal a Portal that will take you to the final boss of the zone.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]

  • The Yeti remains at the top of the icy hill, sending an avalanche of giant snowballs down all sides at the 8 compass points. He does not leave the summit.
  • Periodically he will take a break from causing the avalanche. If you are on top of the hill, he will attempt to knock you down with a snowball and then will frenzy on top of you. Your invincibility should last through the first attack, but you will need to evade immediately to prevent Yeti from repeating this combo.
  • Snowball - Yeti rolls a boulder of snow down the hill.
  • Fire - Yeti lobs a snowball at you, or frenzies on top of you.



  • Using Moto's Breath on the Yeti can push it off of the hilltop, where it can be easily attacked.
  • The Whip or Boomerang can be used to stun the Yeti, but the user will have only enough time for one attack before it recovers.
  • The creature has a miniature version of it.