Dwayna Low Road

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Dwayna Low Road

Dwayna Low Road locator.svg
Location within Divinity's Reach


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The Dwayna Low Road is the street beneath the Dwayna High Road which connects the Eastern and Western Commons together.





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Dorma
Merchant (vendor icon).png Esta the Carny
Merchant (vendor icon).png Farmer Terah
Merchant (vendor icon).png Jeri Stonewater
Merchant (vendor icon).png Luron the Baker
Merchant (vendor icon).png Mach the Carny
Merchant (vendor icon).png Ruth the Carny

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen: That's it! I'm taking my business elsewhere! Rather deal with charr than buy from you!
Citizen: Did you see that norn come through here the other day? Now that's a man!
Citizen: Oh, I like this, but I need to pay the rent first.
Citizen: Ah, that's a fair price. I'll take two, my good man!
Citizen: Oh, this suits me just perfectly.
Citizen: Excuse me, do you have this in another color?
Citizen: Too rich for my blood. Next payday, I'll be back.
Elder: (laugh) Hilarious!
Elder: Moots are all about singing, dancing, and drink. And you can get by with just drink.
Maki Starling: Any sharpshooters out there want an opportunity to prove themselves? Do I have the place for you!
Maki Starling: Think you're an ace shot? We'll put your skills to the test at Mina's Target Shooting!
Gossiping Citizen (1): He'll take one look at me across a crowded square and be smitten.
Gossiping Citizen (2): I can hear wedding trumpets already.
Gossiping Citizen (1): Do you think he's taken?
Gossiping Citizen (2): Who, Logan?
Gossiping Citizen (1): Who else would I be talking about?