Lyren Sandor

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Lyren Sandor


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Lyren Sandor is a human ranger found in the Rurikton.




These three are impossible. It's like I'm the only one with any common sense. It feels like it's been my responsibility to look after them since we were children.
Talk more option tango.png That sounds tough.
Yeah. Our families have known each other for generations, so we've been friends since we were kids. And it's always the same. Aleria picks a fight, gets knocked out, and I have to help up her. And Aquila...
Talk more option tango.png What about Aquila?
He goes too far sometimes. You know, with the burning and such. And Kenden... He's got a good heart, but sometimes he's just not too bright. I'd never give them up, but it's not easy being me.
Talk end option tango.png Hang in there. You'll get through.
Talk end option tango.png Sorry, I just realized that I have to go.
Talk end option tango.png That's too bad.