Answer riddles posed by Raven's statues

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Answer riddles posed by Raven's statues

Interactive map

Interactive map

Answer riddles posed by Raven's statues is a level 2 event that occurs in Snowlord's Gate.


  • Raven's Riddles Solved
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Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 515 Experience.png 27 Karma Copper coin
Silver 438 Experience.png 23 Karma Copper coin
Bronze 386 Experience.png 21 Karma Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 2 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Locations of each statue.
For a complete list of dialogue options, see: Raven Statue#Dialogue

Interacting with the glowing Raven Statues brings up a dialog box presenting the player with a riddle and three possible answers. Selecting the correct answer progresses the event:

Statue #1
I blind hunters, frighten children, and no door can keep me out, yet each night I return. What am I?
0No You are a leopard.
0No You are sleep.
1Yes You are darkness.
I can be found on a mountain, yet you can hold me in your hand or walk over me. I will outlive you. Name me.
0No You are air.
0No You are a song.
1Yes You are a rock.
Statue #2
A mere breath can kill me, yet a spark can bring me to life. My form has the power to dispel darkness. Reveal my identity.
0No You are strength.
1Yes You are a candle's flame.
0No You are hope.
I move without legs. I push without arms. I speak without words. I howl without a mouth. What am I?
1Yes You are wind.
0No You are a war cry.
0No You are music.
Statue #3
From pain and a scream, I bring newness into the world. From me, all legends begin. Reveal my name.
0No You are the sunrise.
0No You are a dream.
1Yes You are birth.
I feast on air, but drink no water. I have no eyes of my own, but without me, you are blind. What am I?
0No You are a tree.
0No You are a bird.
1Yes You are fire.
Statue #4
Consume me and you will choke, but within me is the key to life and growth. What am I?
1Yes You are earth.
0No You are a slain animal.
0No You are money.
With me, you will never know reason. I will blind you to everything else and drive you to kill your enemy. What am I?
0No You are fire.
1Yes You are rage.
0No You are darkness.
Statue #5
I erode rock, break bodies, and consume cities. Yet, I am necessary for survival. What am I?
0No You are a conquering army.
0No You are an earthquake.
1Yes You are water.
I will devour you from the inside out. I must be conquered every day, or I will take your life. Only in death can you stop me. Who am I?
0No You are the wind.
1Yes You are hunger.
0No You are my enemy.
Statue #6
I come for all who grow, crawl, and walk. I am the perfect hunter. In the end, I am the victor. What is my name?
0No You are a legend.
1Yes You are death.
0No You are the future.
Your hand cannot contain me. Your eye cannot see me. I am fleeting when held, but you can catch me if you stand still. What am I?
0No Time.
1Yes Breath.
0No Hope.
Statue #7
I am beautiful in the winter sun, but brutal to the touch. I am a danger overhead and underfoot. What is my name?
1Yes You are ice.
0No You are steel.
0No You are the teeth of my foe.
You can burn me, build a home from me, and carve me. There are countless ways to use me. Tell me my name.
0No You are fabric.
1Yes You are wood.
0No You are bone.
Statue #8
I roar. I can kill quickly. I swallow whole. Yet, I do not have teeth or a tongue. What am I?
0No You are hunger.
1Yes You are an avalanche.
0No You are an old bear.
Using me, battles are never fought alone. With me, bonds are never broken. Reveal my identity.
0No You are a fine mug of ale.
1Yes You are loyalty.
0No You are an army.
Statue #9
Cultivate me and I will grow. If you are worthy, I will become something that will last forever. Speak my name.
1Yes You are a legend.
0No You are a statue.
0No You are laughter.
I was alive when I fell, but among thousands of others, I died from being alone. Under your foot, my thin skin crumbles into dust. What am I?
0No You are the past.
0No You are a battlefield.
1Yes You are dead leaves.


Event start
Shaman Freygirr: Come and test your wits against Raven's riddle.
Event success
Shaman Freygirr: You are a clever one. Raven is pleased.

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