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Red Iris Flower

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Red Iris Flower.png

Red Iris Flower

Item type
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Kudzu I: The Experimental Longbow
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png The Dreamer I: The Experimental Short Bow
Account Bound
Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Game link

Once a common find in Ascalon, this blossom has become quite rare since The Searing.

— In-game description



Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Red Iris Flower.
When attempting to sell this item to a merchant, you will receive the error, "That content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later."
Unlike other similar items that need to be put to rest as part of the Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit collection, this item does not have a NoSell flag showing in the API, technically enabling it to be sold to vendors. This is presumably a consequence of being required without a promotion/exchange to go along with it as part of the Kudzu I: The Experimental Longbow collection, hence rendering it safely sellable after aquisition for that specific collection, and could be an explanation for aforementioned bug; since it is technically still needed for those collections and selling could have been disabled because of this, though this is mere speculation.

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