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Sage Salim

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Sage Salim


Sage Salim location.jpg

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Interactive map (Upper level)

Sage Salim is an Exalted found in Tarir, the Forgotten City. To reach her, approach Westgate from the Westwatch waypoint ([&BAYIAAA=]), and go right (south) into the golden room with many columns. There is a jumping mushroom on a grassy raised platform on the west side of that room with columns; take that mushroom and the next to find a long corridor with many Exalted Sages and a lot of stairs. Before ascending the final set of stairs, Sage Salim is on the left.


Heart of Maguuma


I know you, <Character name>. It is an honor to meet you finally.
Talk end option tango.png You, too.
When Astralaria IV: The Cosmos is unlocked
For a long time, I have been holding this piece of my ancestor's tomb for you. Glint told me you would need it one day.
Talk more option tango.png I am honored.
When Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit is unlocked
I have an Ancient Cultist Text. Are you interested in such things?
Talk more option tango.png A fascinating artifact of knowledge. May I continue to study it further?
Talk end option tango.png Books are meant to be studied.


  • Sage Salim will not appear while the Octovine meta event is happening.