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Precarious Perch

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Precarious Perch

Point of Interest
Canopy over Pale Reaver Rally
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Precarious Perch

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The Precarious Perch is a ruin piece suspended in the Canopy over Pale Reaver Rally by giant vines. It is the home of the Wyvern Patriarch.

Getting there[edit]

Start from the southern Pact canopy chopper during the meta-event. Although possible to reach the lower areas of the Precarious Perch during daytime via updrafts, the very top is inaccessible through gliding because the updrafts surrounding the platform are only active during nighttime. It is still possible to unlock the Point of Interest from inside some of the passages which are accessible during daytime.

  • It is also possible to reach the top during daytime using the Springer mount with the High Vault mastery and with careful use of the ledges along the north-eastern and northern side. Use the large updraft west of the Perch to reach a small landing zone in the north-eastern part of the Perch and then jump carefully until you reach a series of ledges on the northern face of the cliff. From there it is then possible to High Vault to the top.
  • You can also use your springer from the vines on the SW corner area of the perch. There's an updraft west of the western corner. After using that, you can glide to the vines, and jump up to the top from there.