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Junundu Rising

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Junundu Rising

Junundu Rising is a meta event in the Desolation, starting at Wayward Watch, southwest of the Waypoint (map icon).png Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint. The rest of it happens at The Shattered Ravines.

Dynamic events[edit]

  • The Forged Firebase and Fort Huduh overlook a continual battle for supremacy of the Shattered Ravines.
  • With siege fire falling nearby, the ghosts of Wayward Watch scheme to use junundu to attack Fort Huduh and the Forged Firebase.
  • Siege engines have been constructed in the Forged Firebase and Fort Huduh. The ghosts of Wayward Watch are now threatened by the battle.
  • Hear the ghosts' plan at Wayward Watch.
  • Talk to Kane to start the event.
  • Junundu wurms: x
  • Sulfur crystals fade away in x:xx (You only need to finish one of the following events succesfully to proceed with the meta)
  • Using Forgotten lures, ghosts have summoned powerful junundu wurms to assault Fort Huduh and the Forged Firebase.
  • Siege Engines Remaining
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Junundu wurms: x
  • Protect the last junundu wurm!
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Help the junundu destroy the siege engines.
  • The siege engines at Fort Huduh and the Forged Firebase have been destroyed. Wayward Watch is now safe from siege attacks.


Successfully completing either Destroy the Awakened trebuchets or Destroy the Forged cannons awards:

Guaranteed rewards[edit]

Possible rewards[edit]

Rare chance
Very rare

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


Prior to event activation, these dialogues will keep repeating until the event becomes available.
Larano: Remember the good old days when Balthazar was on our side, great heroes visited regularly, and bad guys were defeated?
Chessa: We could use a few of those adventurers right now. Most Elonians are either Awakened or enamored with Joko.
Larano: And they think we're poor, misguided spirits.
Kane: All of them were born into Joko's Rule. They've never known anything better.
Chessa: I hate Joko.
Kane: I'm so glad Dunkoro suggested that we keep watch outside of the Lair.
Chessa: I know, just to get away from the curator.
Larano: And we thought he was insufferable when he was alive. Spending eternity with his ghost... I weep.
Chessa: He's twice the snake he used to be. I'll bet he still sends people into danger to protect himself.
Kane: That ghost owes me five gold. He never paid me for being his guide more than two centuries ago!
Larano: Let it go. What would you do with five gold anyway?
Kane: All right, I have to ask: When did we become...aware...of the present? Do you remember?
Larano: No. It's like going unconscious... You don't always remember how it happened. You just know you that you're now awake.
Chessa: Heard it had to do with Joko's meddling in the Underworld. But, whatever it was, our minds are here now.
Chessa: Joko must really hate us. He even went so far as to make those Awakened ghost eaters.
Larano: Well, he can't control us or turn us into Awakened. That spells trouble for him.
Kane: If he keeps sending his reanimated stooges after us, he'll get more than trouble.
Larano: That's the problem with Awakened - they never go away.
Chessa: Neither do we.
Kane: I feel like I'm on ghost eater high alert all the time these days.
Larano: Can we funnel some ghost eaters to the curator? Please?
Chessa: I wish, but no. Our friends are near there, too.
Larano: Where are the Sunspears? Shouldn't they be fighting for Elona and cleaning up this mess?
Kane: I haven't heard so much as a whisper about them. My guess? They're all either dead or hiding.
Chessa: That's a morbid thought. If they were dead, some of them would be among us.
Kane: I haven't kept up with the news.
Larano: I guess I was picturing a whole slew of them showing up to squash Joko's putrid empire.
Chessa: Speaking of whispers... There may be no Sunspears left, but there is someone who could rally the mortals.
Once the event becomes available
Kane: The Awakened and Forged are setting up siege engineers at our perimeter.
Chessa: I see them - there, across the sands. We need to stop those Forged weapons.
Larano: And the awakened have their weapons atop that hill... Can't we just tell them to come back later?
Chessa: The ghosts of the Lair are not an army. If we can't fight one enemy, how can we fight two?
Larano: He's right, but we have to find a way.
Kane: Those Forged and Awakened fighting over there have given me an idea.
Kane: Remember those old junundu lures our Forgotten friend used? The ones that you baited with sulfur crystals?
Chessa: Sure, but what do we need junundu for?
Kane: What do you think would happen if we stuck some giant wurms right into the middle of those battles?
Larano: Sounds fun. I'm in. Let's split up and see how many crystals we can get, then bait the lures and stand back.
Chessa: We'll need help to get all those crystals fast enough, but that shouldn't be a problem. Let's do it.
Kane: We've got a plan to bait the old junundu lures with sulfur crystals, but we need help. You up to it?
Once an event has been accepted or three minutes has passed
Kane: I hope we got enough help. Since we're splitting up, we'll each need extra hands.
Chessa: Guess we'll find out. Now let's go already - those sulfur crystals are a bit ephemeral, so they need to be gathered fast.
Larano: Bet I can get my lures baited faster than you two.
Chessa: You're on. Good hunting, and see you back there. Okay, move out!
Kane: We can't allow them to get any closer. We must defend the Lair!
Upon event failure
Chessa: Oh, no! The sulfur crystals are fading, and we failed to summon the wurm! Fall back!
Larano: Well, he can't control us or turn us into Awakened. That spells trouble for him.
Kane: If he keeps sending his reanimated stooges after us, he'll get more than trouble.
Larano: That's the problem with Awakened - they never go away.
Chessa: Neither do we.


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