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Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps

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Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps

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The Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps is a mastery insight found in the Basaltic Fringe in The Desolation.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

The route from Joko's Domain Waypoint
The route from the closest waypoint

This mastery insight can be found inside a hidden tar pit surrounded by basalt walls at the eastern edge of the map. The entrance to this hidden area is located near the road towards the passage to the Domain of Vabbi, near the Lupicus Boneyard. It can be reached by going east along the road from Waypoint (map icon).png Joko's Domain Waypoint (passing through a small cave filled with Cave Spiders and Spiderwebs) and then keeping watch for a cave entrance above the ground in the wall north of the Lupicus Boneyard. The ledge of this cave entrance can be accessed by jumping with the Springer.

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