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Acrid Springs Recovery

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Acrid Springs Recovery is an achievement that involves finding all of the Sulfur-Worn Coins scattered around the Acrid Springs and Sulfur Quarry.


Acrid Springs Recovery The Desolation 5Achievement points
Recover sulfur-worn coins from the ruins of Acrid Springs.The miners of Acrid Springs are long gone, but old coins still litter the ruined worksite.
Recovered 1 Sulfur-Worn Coin 1Achievement points
Recovered 8 Sulfur-Worn Coins 2Achievement points
Recovered 17 Sulfur-Worn Coins 2Achievement points


# Map Description
1 Sulfur-Worn Coin 1.jpg North and slightly west of Imperial Sulfurworks inside the top of a blue vertical pipe.
2 Sulfur-Worn Coin 2.jpg Above the last "s" in "Acrid Springs" on world map view, hidden slightly under an alcove, by the sulfur pond on ground level.
3 Sulfur-Worn Coin 3.jpg North of the Vista between Acrid Springs and Sulfur Quarry, on the north side of (and on the same level as) the sulfur pit at the Broken Egg Hero Challenge
4 Sulfur-Worn Coin 4.jpg In a small section of blue pipe, north west of the word Sulfur Quarry on world map view (half-way between the vista and the area name).
5 Sulfur-Worn Coin 5.jpg Angled Pipe / Scaffolding, below Taimi contact point
6 Sulfur-Worn Coin 6.jpg Near the top of a rock pillar in Sulfur Quarry.
7 Sulfur-Worn Coin 7.jpg On top of a rock pillar just south of Imperial Sulfurworks.
8 Sulfur-Worn Coin 8.jpg SW of Imperial Sulfurworks on a pointy ledge under an overhang.
9 Sulfur-Worn Coin 9.jpg Below the "S" in Sulfur Quarry on world map view, underneath the mountain structure, on the level below.
10 Sulfur-Worn Coin 10.jpg West of "S" in Sulfur Quarry on world map view, underneath the mountain structure, ground level.
11 Sulfur-Worn Coin 11.jpg Inside the bend of a blue pipe.
12 Sulfur-Worn Coin 12.jpg On the top of a plateau, south of the Hero Challenge and Vista in Acrid Springs.
13 Sulfur-Worn Coin 13.jpg Due West of the name "Acrid Springs" on the world map view, on ground level near the border, next to a sulfur pond.
14 Sulfur-Worn Coin 14.jpg Directly East of the name "Sulfur Quarry" on world map view, half way up on a pillar of rock.
15 Sulfur-Worn Coin 15.jpg On some stepped ledges, by a long blue pipe, 7180 units east-north-east of Imperial Sulfurworks.
16 Sulfur-Worn Coin 16.jpg South of the first "S" in Acrid Springs on world map view, and about equidistant to the Hero Challenge (which is south west of the coin).
17 Sulfur-Worn Coin 17.jpg On a small island in the sulfur pit immediately to the west of Sulfur-Worn Coin #2 in Acrid Springs