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Jackal Reconnaissance

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Jackal Reconnaissance is a The Desolation collection achievement to gain a Mastery Point.


Jackal Reconnaissance The Desolation Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Now that you have your jackal, you can gain tasty treats for it as a reward for helping locals.
Prerequisite: Desert Dogs

Collected 8 Items 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


Initial mail[edit]


Drojkor, Spirit Squall

Dabbling in Espionage

My friend, we need to speak.

Now that you have a jackal of your own, there are some covert missions I have for you. Please see me back at the palace.

—Drojkor, Spirit Squall

Completion mail[edit]


Drojkor, Spirit Squall

Mission Success

I've received the items from my operatives, and I have you to thank for that. With this information, we'll be a stronger and more efficient force against our enemies.

I wish you and your jackal safe travels in the future. Remember, come by anytime to purchase more jackal treats from me.

—Drojkor, Spirit Squall


  • After completing the achievement, Jackal Treat will be available for purchase from Drojkor, Spirit Squall.
  • Unlike other treat achievements, NPCs must be talked to unlock other NPCs and items on map.