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Shadows Provisions (achievement)

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Shadows Provisions is an achievement in The Desolation which involves finding all 25 Shadows Provisions caches.


Shadows Provisions The Desolation 5Achievement points
Discover Shadows provisions spread throughout the Desolation.
  • Silent Vale
  • Boundary Preserve
  • Sandfall Sanctum
  • Sulfur Quarry
  • Sulfur Quarry Overlook
  • The Scourgeway
  • The Scourgeway
  • Torment's Watch Overlook
  • Caustic Spur
  • Vitriolic Rim
  • Helcoid Seeps
  • Poisoned Outcrops
  • High Above the Poisoned Outcrops
  • Lair of the Forgotten
  • Zayan Gate Overlook
  • Shattered Ravines
  • Fort Huduh Overlook
  • Southern Ruination
  • High Above the Ruptured Heart
  • Sand Jackal Run
  • Sand Jackal Run
  • Sand Jackal Run
  • Joko's Domain
  • High Above the Bone Palace
  • Basaltic Fringe
Discovered 1 Shadows Provision 1Achievement points
Discovered 8 Shadows Provisions 1Achievement points
Discovered 16 Shadows Provisions 1Achievement points
Discovered 25 Shadows Provisions 2Achievement points


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