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Shadows Provisions (achievement)

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Shadows Provisions is an achievement in The Desolation which involves finding all 25 Shadows Provisions caches.


Shadows Provisions The Desolation 5Achievement points
Discover Shadows provisions spread throughout the Desolation. Discovered 1 Shadows Provision 1Achievement points
Discovered 8 Shadows Provisions 1Achievement points
Discovered 16 Shadows Provisions 1Achievement points
Discovered 25 Shadows Provisions 2Achievement points


# Location Closest Waypoint or PoI Map Description
1 Silent Vale Waypoint (map icon).png Bonestrand Waypoint Shadows Provisions 1.jpg Southwest of Silent Vale point of interest on the middle of three small islands
2 Boundary Preserve Point of interest (map icon).png Matriarch's View Shadows Provisions 2.jpg From Waypoint (map icon).png Bonestrand Waypoint head east towards Silent Vale, then southeast to back corner of area. Use springer to climb up some rocks just east of the name "Boundary Preserve" on the world map.
3 Sandfall Sanctum Point of interest (map icon).png Sandfall Sanctum Shadows Provisions 3.jpg Enter the Clanmarshal's Pergola from the west and head to the southeast arm. Jump into the sand portal off to your left, and immediately blink across to jump into the next sand portal in mid-air to get into the inaccessible area with the mastery insight.
4 Sulfur Quarry Point of interest (map icon).png Bonecage Paddock Shadows Provisions 4.jpg Southwest from the Bonestrand Waypoint. Use Springer to get over the rocky wall. Due west from "Bonecage Paddock POI", item is inside the first wooden tube/pipe you come to upon entering the area.
5 Sulfur Quarry Overlook Point of interest (map icon).png Imperial Sulfurworks Shadows Provisions 5.jpg Due east of the "Imperial Sulfurworks POI". High up on a wooden scaffolding structure. Near the top on a separate wooden ledge connected to the mountain.
6 The Scourgeway Point of interest (map icon).png Chukeht Overlook Shadows Provisions 6.jpg Directly north of the "w" in "The Scourgeway" on the world map view, on a little island between two sulfur rivers, just southeast of the POI. On top of a raised rock next to a tree.
7 The Scourgeway Point of interest (map icon).png Zayan Gate Shadows Provisions 7.jpg On the tip of a ledge due east of "Revealer Vantage POI" and northwest of Zayan Gate POI. Exactly the same distance from the two POIs.
8 Torment's Watch Overlook Point of interest (map icon).png Torment's Watch Shadows Provisions 8.jpg On the cliffs above Waypoint (map icon).png The Darklands Waypoint.
9 Caustic Spur Point of interest (map icon).png Acrid Sink Shadows Provisions 9.jpg Going south of Acrid Sink POI it's in a little cave full of harpies.
10 Vitriolic Rim Point of interest (map icon).png Bleached Pillars Shadows Provisions 10.jpg On an island in the middle of a sulfur pit north of the POI.
11 Helcoid Seeps Point of interest (map icon).png Toxic Pools Shadows Provisions 11.jpg North of Toxic Pools POI. On the world map view, due north of the double "ee" in Helcoid "Seeps". Near the wall, right next to a small yellow sulfur puddle.
12 Poisoned Outcrops Point of interest (map icon).png Ember Heights Shadows Provisions 12.jpg South-East of the POI on an island.
13 High above the Poisoned Outcrops Point of interest (map icon).png Zayan Gate Shadows Provisions 13.jpg Head south from Waypoint (map icon).png The Scourgeway Waypoint past two bridges and go through the tunnel to just before Zayan Gate POI. Jump up above to the ruined buildings(where you'll also find 15) and get up to the griffon nest above. Fly east on the griffon mount(or run over the rock ledge below) to the very end of it.
14 Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint (map icon).png Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint Shadows Provisions 14.jpg East and a bit South of Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint, next to a Forgotten Statue. Triggers spawn of a Veteran Earth Djiin upon interact.
15 Zayan Gate Overlook Point of interest (map icon).png Zayan Gate Shadows Provisions 15.jpg Just north of the Zayan Gate PoI. High up in the crumbled buildings directly above.
16 The Shattered Ravines Point of interest (map icon).png Henge of Joko Shadows Provisions 16.jpg Same way as 15, but at the top, fly south and slightly west toward the mastery point at "Henge of Joko" POI. Don't cross the sulfur river to that POI, but instead look down on the top of the ridges for this location. Another way to phrase would be: Head south of the Zayan Gate, go west of the [center] of the black tar pit fields and use the springer to get up on top of the ridgeline.
17 Fort Huduh Overlook Point of interest (map icon).png Fort Huduh Shadows Provisions 17.jpg Inside the green shielded fort on the highest tower. The shield will knock you back if you touch it. Must do meta event for the area, Junundu Rising, to bring wall down.
18 Southern Ruination Point of interest (map icon).png Henge of Joko Shadows Provisions 18.jpg On the southern cliff of the ravine to the north-west of the point of interest, next to a large wooden structure which is visible on the map.
19 High above the Ruptured Heart Point of interest (map icon).png The Mouth of Torment Shadows Provisions 19.jpg Head north from Waypoint (map icon).png Sand Jackal Run Waypoint, use Springer mount to head up the mountain where you will find two jackal portals, keep going North until you see another jackal portal, go through to find the provisions.
20 Sand Jackal Run Point of interest (map icon).png Djinn Enclave Shadows Provisions 20.jpg Head northeast down the stairs (rather close to waypoint) past the sand portal, over the sulfur to a pedestal with the provision on top.
21 Sand Jackal Run Point of interest (map icon).png Djinn Enclave Shadows Provisions 21.jpg Same level as POI, head north east past the fire braziers, on the floating platform.
22 Sand Jackal Run Point of interest (map icon).png Djinn Enclave Shadows Provisions 22.jpg From the POI, head east and slightly south through a sand portal. Turn left and the item will be ahead past a mob.
23 Joko's Domain Point of interest (map icon).png The Bone Palace Shadows Provisions 23.jpg From Waypoint (map icon).png Joko's Domain Waypoint head southwest to Joko's Domain. Go to the right inside and go up the first stairs. Item is at the top.
24 High Above the Bone Palace Point of interest (map icon).png The Bone Palace Shadows Provisions 24.jpg
Shadows Provisions 24 guide.jpg
(Griffon easy way) Go back to Joko's Domain (see 23) and go inside towards the west side. Use stairs to get up to the second level and use the springer to get up to the plateau on the rock wall behind. From here use the springer to jump up as high as you can on the mountain, you will be almost level with the highest part of the bone wall before it climbs up towards the penthouse platform. Glide across on griffon to the bone tower and then use the springer to get up to the platform.
25 Basaltic Fringe Point of interest (map icon).png Lupicus Boneyard Shadows Provisions 25.jpg Head south of the POI, next to the rock wall.

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