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Honoring the Fallen

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Honoring the Fallen is an achievement that provides a mastery point. The map icon appears at The Darklands in The Desolation, marking the location of First Spear Dehvad.

Getting there[edit]

First Spear Dehvad's location

Start from the Waypoint (map icon).png The Darklands Waypoint and head northeast. A Springer is required to reach the location.


To complete this mastery point, you must first make your way to the stone sun with lamps circling it, then bow or salute. This awakens the ghost of First Spear Dehvad.

He asks for three things:

Kill creatures until the above items drop, then return to Dehvad's location. Summon him by using either /bow or /salute, and speak with him to donate the three items. Once all three are donated, the mastery point is awarded.

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