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Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum

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Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum

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Palawa Cut
(The Desolation)
Mastery Insight
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Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum is a mastery insight found at Palawa Cut in The Desolation.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

This mastery requires Jackal Mastery Shifting Sands. Head south from the Waypoint (map icon).png Bonestrand Waypointloading…. Enter the Sandfall Sanctum through the Clanmarshal's Pergola. Jump through the sand portal on the wall to your left as you enter the Sanctum, followed immediately by a mid-air jump into the next sand portal to get to the cave with the mastery insight.

Alternative: staying in front of the insight, before falling sand, move left to the corner and jump up with the Springer. There is a small passage there, unmount, pass it on foot and land with glider near the insight, or mount again before jumping down (there is some space on lower rock inside the passage).

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