Guild Bounty Training

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A Guild Bounty Training is a type of Guild Bounty, with only one target instead of two or more. It costs far less to unlock, thus giving smaller guilds the opportunity to build influence more quickly to unlock other types of guild missions, but does not award any Guild Merits.


  • Prerequisite:Research Art of War Level 3 Research Art of War Level 3

Per Mission[edit]

  • Cost: 300 Influence + 72 hours of research time.


  • 3000 Influence

Possible targets[edit]

You have 15 minutes to find and defeat a randomly selected target from the list below.

Bounty Zone Path/Spawn locations
2-MULT Timberline Falls 2-MULT's path
Ander "Wildman" Westward Southsun Cove See page for details
Big Mayana Sparkfly Fen Big Mayana's spawn locations
Bookworm Bwikki Lornar's Pass See page for details
Brekkabek Harathi Hinterlands Brekkabek's path
Crusader Michiele Sparkfly Fen Crusader Michiele's path
Diplomat Tarban Brisban Wildlands Diplomat Tarban's path
Sotzz the Scallywag Gendarran Fields Sotzz the Scallywag's spawn locations
Devious Teesa Frostgorge Sound Devious Teesa's path
Half-Baked Komali Mount Maelstrom Half-Baked Komali's path
Poobadoo Kessex Hills Poobadoo's path
Prisoner 1141 Iron Marches Prisoner 1141's path
Shaman Arderus Fireheart Rise Shaman Arderus's path
Short-Fuse Felix Diessa Plateau Short-Fuse Felix's path
"Deputy" Brooke Snowden Drifts "Deputy" Brooke's path
Tricksy Trekksa Blazeridge Steppes Tricksy Trekksa's path
Trillia Midwell Fields of Ruin Trillia Midwell's path
Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler Fields of Ruin Yanonka's spawn locations