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Account Bound
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Herta's remains on the floor of the Vinetooth Den.

Double-click to feed 250 piles of bloodstone dust in exchange for a gift. Herta can only absorb a limited amount of bloodstone dust in a day.
The recovered head of this Exalted continues to glow, presumably with consciousness.

— In-game description

Herta is an item received for completing the "Where Exalted Dare" achievement (which is preceded by the "A Study in Gold" achievement).


Early life[edit]

Most of Herta's life as a human is unknown, though is possibly the Sunspear elementalist of the same name who aided the Hero of Nightfall in stopping Abaddon and later The Great Destroyer. She is friends with Sage Laural, an Elonian. Like all other Exalted, Herta and Laural joined the Zephyrites as they formed over two centuries ago, and underwent trials to become worthy of undergoing the Exalting rituals. After the ritual, she became an Exalted Burnisher in Tarir, the Forgotten City, and was put in charge of maintaining the tablets holding the final speech of the Last Forgotten to the Exalted.[1]

Heart of Thorns[edit]

After the awakening of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, Herta was attacked and left for dead by the Mordrem in the Vinetooth Den. However, as her mask was not torn off, as an Exalted she managed to survive as just a head. On Laural's request, the Pact Commander found Herta and recovered her head in 1328 AE.[2]


This achievement rewards items. Where Exalted Dare Auric Basin 1Achievement points
Found Herta in the Vinetooth Den.
Prerequisite: A Study in Gold
Reward: Herta.pngHerta
You earned this. 1Achievement points

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Mists Stone.png Glowing Stone (1 per day) Container Exotic 250 Pile of Bloodstone Dust