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Sage Renna

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Sage Renna is an Exalted found in Tarir, the Forgotten City who gives information about her people.


Heart of Maguuma


Egg bearer...
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I'm wondering how you came to be?
Sage Renna: The Forgotten created us with bloodstone magic so we could guard Glint's legacy when the time came. We were once human.
Sage Renna: Glint sent us and the Forgotten into the wilderness here, and I do not think she chose this location randomly.
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Did the Forgotten force you?
Sage Renna: They did not. Every one of us gladly gave up our physical existences in order to serve a greater purpose.
Sage Renna: We chose to accept this transformation in the interest of defending Tyria. Glint knew we'd be needed one day.
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Do you miss being human?
Sage Renna: In the beginning, perhaps, but that was over a hundred years ago. I rarely think about those days anymore. I am renewed.
Sage Renna: It has been a question of faith. We have outlived our own creators, and I believe that was why we were made as we are.
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Did you know this was all going to happen?
Sage Renna: No. I feared our preparations would all be for nothing, until you arrived. That's when we knew our time had come.
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What does it feels like...being made of magic?
Sage Renna: I am awareness and energy. I am purpose and dedication personified.
Sage Renna: No, it does not tickle. The skritt ask us that all the time.
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Nothing more. Thank you.