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Inventory during the 2012 Press Beta

The inventory (default hotkey I) is a panel which displays all the items and unequipped equipment carried by a character, as well as their supply of coins, gems, and other currencies. Each character starts with a Starter Backpack which offers 20 spaces. This space can be expanded by adding up to seven additional bags, three of which require purchasing the Bag Slot Expansion upgrade from the Gem Store.


  • The bar at the bottom of the panel shows your account's assets in Gem.png gems and coins (Gold coin gold, Silver coin silver, and Copper coin copper). Mouse over it for a tooltip of all your currencies; click it to open your wallet.
  • Bags can be collapsed or expanded to simplify navigation.

Options button[edit]

The Options button reveals four choices:

  • Deposit All Materials — Instantly transfer to your account vault all items that have a reserved space in the Material Storage tab there.
  • Compact — Move all items to the first available space in inventory.
  • Show / Hide Rarity — Display a colored border around items depending on their quality.
  • Show / Hide New Item Highlights - Icons of items newly created in a character's inventory will glow when first added or when their stack is increased. The glow will be brighter first, and fade to a dimmer glow, and persist until either the item is clicked in the inventory, or the inventory panel is closed.
  • Bags Shown / Hidden — Present the storage area as individual bags, or combine all slots into a single group.


The inventory has a search function to filter items, similar to the bank. The search term will match any item names containing the term. Players may also search by rarity or item type. You cannot search for common rarity items. For example, "salvage item" will filter all salvage items.


Double-click an item in your inventory to equip or use. Right-click an item to:

  • Equip (if it is equipable by your character — will prompt to confirm for items that are soulbound on use)
  • Equip in Off Hand
  • Use (if it is a consumable)
  • Preview (if it is equipment or dye)
  • Deposit Material
  • Mail item to... (to send it to another player through the mail)
  • Sell at Trading Post (to see its value on the Trading Post)
  • Buy more at Trading Post (to search for this item on the Trading Post)
  • Destroy (will prompt before destroying)

Drag an item to a bag in the column on the left to put that item in the first empty space in that bag.


Stackable items can stack up to 250 per inventory space. Most crafting materials, junk, and containers are stackable. To split a stack in two, Alt+Click and drag the item to an empty inventory space. A dialog will prompt you to enter the quantity for the new stack. ( Slot bags do not stack up in Inventory )


Extra bags offer additional storage space (from 4 to 20 spaces per). Bags may be purchased from vendors, found as drops, obtained as storyline or Living World rewards, or crafted by any of the armor-crafting disciplines: Armorsmith, Leatherworker, or Tailor.

Types of bags[edit]

Primary article: Bag

Some bags have special functions:

  • Oiled Packs — Looted junk is placed here first. Items in this bag are not affected by inventory sorting.
  • Craftsman's Bags — Looted crafting materials are placed here first. Items in this bag are not affected by inventory sorting.
  • Equipment Boxes — Looted weapons and armor are placed here first. Items in this bag are not affected by inventory sorting.
    • Fractal Equipment Boxes further refine this by also filtering by rarity (3 versions: Exotic, Rare & Uncommon).
  • Invisible Bags/Safe Boxes — Items in the bag never appear in sell lists at vendors and the Trading Post, and are not affected by inventory sorting.


  • You cannot equip or unequip items during combat.

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