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Skill Field Weapon Description
Bonfire.png Bonfire Fire field Torch Set a fire around you, damaging and burning foes.


Skill Finisher Weapon Description
Call of the Wild.png Call of the Wild Blast finisher Warhorn Grant fury, might, and swiftness to yourself and nearby allies. Your pet's next few attacks become unblockable.
Swoop.png Swoop Leap finisher Greatsword Run and leap at your foe, hitting them and nearby foes.
Surging Maw.png Surging Maw Leap finisher Spear Dart at your foe, inflicting more bleeding based on the amount of time spent charging.
Monarch's Leap.png Monarch's Leap Leap finisher Sword Leap to your target and cripple them. Can be followed up with Serpent's Strike.
Path of Scars.png Path of Scars Projectile finisher Axe Throw your axe so that it returns to you, striking foes each way.
Ricochet.png Ricochet Projectile finisher Axe Bounce your axe between multiple foes, gaining might for each enemy struck.
Splitblade.png Splitblade Projectile finisher Axe Throw a spread pattern of five whirling axes that bleeds foes.
Crippling Talon.png Crippling Talon Projectile finisher Dagger Throw a dagger to bleed and cripple your foe.
Coral Shot.png Coral Shot Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Shoot a spear that collects sharp coral as it travels, causing more bleeding the farther it goes and cripples.
Feeding Frenzy (ranger skill).png Feeding Frenzy Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Drive piranhas into a feeding frenzy around your foe. Apply fury to your pet.
Mercy Shot.png Mercy Shot Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Fire a shot that strikes for more damage the less health your target has.
Splinter Shot.png Splinter Shot Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Shoot a spear that splinters around your target, striking and bleeding multiple foes.
Hunter's Shot.png Hunter's Shot Projectile finisher Longbow Fire an arrow that grants you stealth when it hits an enemy. Your pet gains swiftness.
Long Range Shot.png Long Range Shot Projectile finisher Longbow Shoot your foe from long range. The farther the arrow flies, the more damage it does.
Point-Blank Shot.png Point-Blank Shot Projectile finisher Longbow Push back your foe with a point-blank shot. The closer they are, the farther it pushes them back.
Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire Projectile finisher Longbow Fire multiple arrows at your foe.
Concussion Shot.png Concussion Shot Projectile finisher Short bow Daze your foe with an arrow. Stun them if you hit from behind or from the side.
Crippling Shot.png Crippling Shot Projectile finisher Short bow Fire an arrow that cripples your target. If you are flanking or behind your target, immobilize them. Your pet's next three attacks inflict bleeding.
Crossfire.png Crossfire Projectile finisher Short bow Fire an arrow that bleeds your target. Attacks are stronger from behind or from the side.
Quick Shot.png Quick Shot Projectile finisher Short bow Fire a quick shot in an evasive retreat. Gain swiftness. This can be used while retreating.
Counter Throw.png Counter Throw Projectile finisher Spear Throw your spear at foes.
Whirling Defense.png Whirling Defense Whirl finisher Axe Spin your axes around you to attack nearby foes.
Swirling Strike.png Swirling Strike Whirl finisher Spear Attack while reflecting projectiles.