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Disambig icon.png This article is about the scoreboard in structured PvP and activities. For the World versus World scoreboard, see World vs. World panel.

The scoreboard panel (default B) keeps track of the points scored by each team and individual player during structured PvP matches and activities.

Structured PvP scoreboard[edit]

Each team's score is shown at the top of the scoreboard. Teams earn points by killing enemy players, capturing points and completing other map specific objectives. For each captured point, a team will earn 1 point every 2 seconds.

Each players' name is listed ranked after their current score. Personal score does not directly influence the team score or the rewards received at the end of the match, but players will receive additional rank points if they earned the top score in a category. Players can score points from the following actions:

Stat Score Objective Maps available
Kills 5 points Defeat an enemy player
Teammate Revivals 10 points Revive a downed or defeated allied player
Objective Assaulter 15 points Killing an enemy player while they are near a capture point
Skirmisher 10 points Killing an enemy player away from any capture point
Points Captured 10 points Capturing a point
Objective Defender 10 points Defending a capture point
Objective Neutralized 10 points Neutralize a capture point
Trebuchet Hit 3 points Hit enemy players with the trebuchet Battle of Kyhlo
Trebuchets Destroyed 15 points Destroy the enemy trebuchet Battle of Kyhlo
Trebuchet Repairs 15 points Carry the repair kit to the allied trebuchet Battle of Kyhlo
Forest creatures killed 25 points Defeat Chieftain Utahein or Svanir Forest of Niflhel
Guild Lords killed 25 points Defeat the enemy guild lord Legacy of the Foefire
NPC's killed 25 points each Legacy of the Foefire
Cannon Hit 2 points Hit enemy players with the Skyhammer Cannon Skyhammer
Spirits Ascended 15 points Carry the Orb of Ascension to a capture point Spirit Watch
Commune Successes 10 points Successfully channel a meditation Temple of the Silent Storm
Damage Dealt/Received
Condition Damage Dealt/Received
Conditions Applied
Boons Removed
Boons Applied to Self/Allies
Conditions Removed from Self/Allies
Healing to Self/Allies

Statistics & Top stats[edit]

At the end of a game, the player which has the highest of each category, per team, is awarded the corresponding top stat. There are 6 total top stats, excluding Deaths, the number of times you've died. This stat is not shown as a top stat at the end of the game, but is still shown in the Statistics section.

Stat Description
Damage Total damage dealt to enemy players while they're alive
Healing Total healing that you and allied players have received
Kills The number of enemy players that you've helped kill
Revives The number of players you have revived
Offense Earned by making capture progress or by being in combat near a neutral or enemy capture point
Defense Earned by making capture progress or by being in combat near a capture point that your team owns

Activities scoreboard[edit]

Each activity has its own methods for scoring and winning conditions. These are reflected on the scoreboard.

Stat Score Objective
Keg Brawl
Kegs scored 10 points Return a keg to the Ale Collector
Kegs stolen 3 points
Assists 3 points
Recoveries ... points
Interceptions ... points
Fumbles caused 2 points Disarm an opponent that is carrying a keg
Crab Toss
Crab Carrying 3 points Carry the crab for a few seconds
Grabs 3 points Swipe a player carrying the crab
Eliminations 3 points Cause other players to become downed while carrying the crab
Denies 3 points Punch a player carrying the crab
Sanctum Sprint
Racers Outrun 10 points
Checkpoint 5 points
Southsun Survival
Arrow Hits 1 point
Kills 5 points
Scavenges 1 point
Successful Traps 2 points
Final Survivor 50 points