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The Guild Wars 2 Support Team—also referred to as the Support Team, Customer Support, or (more informally) as just Support—are ArenaNet employees who interact with players to troubleshoot problems, answer questions, and serve as moderators or administrators of the Guild Wars 2 Rules of Conduct within the game itself, when necessary. Support Team agents are commonly labeled as Gamemasters (GM), Senior Gamemasters (SGM), or Lead Gamemasters (LGM) on the forum and when responding to tickets—depending on their position and responsibilities on the team.

Note that not all ArenaNet employees are considered GMs. GMs refer to a select group of employees on the Support Team (listed below), meaning that non-GM ArenaNet employees do not have the tools or power to perform the actions and duties of the Support Team.[1]

Also note that impersonating a GM—or more generally, impersonating any employee of ArenaNet—is a serious violation of the Rules of Conduct. Doing so will result in the immediate suspension or termination of one's account.[2]

Role of the Support Team

Customer Support

Support team agents are primarily focused on answering support tickets submitted via the Guild Wars 2 support website:

Players can submit tickets about issues that prevent them from playing, problems they encounter in the game, or problematic players who are violating the Rules of Conduct. When a ticket is submitted, all subsequent communication regarding the ticket is handled via email—with official Support Team messages coming from

Note that the response time to any given ticket varies based on the volume of tickets, the complexity of the problem, and the amount of information you provide. It is recommended that you log in to the site using your game credentials before submitting a ticket, as doing so will help the support team process your ticket faster.[3] Additionally, taking the time to fill out all of the form fields will help expedite the process of reviewing and responding to your request.

Help Center

The Guild Wars 2 Help Center is the official support knowledgebase, and hosts several articles about common problems in the game, error codes, and self-help steps you can take to solve or work around issues as they arise. Before submitting a ticket, it is recommended that you search the knowledgebase to see if a solution has already been documented:

In-Game Support

GMs can be found online 24/7 enforcing the Rules of Conduct, the Naming Policy, and the User Agreement.[4] They view and respond to Player Conduct Reports in the order that the reports are submitted via a system they call "the stream".[5] When not responding to in-game player reports, GMs are usually clearing bots—the bulk of their work—and providing support in other areas of the game.[4]

Identifying a GM in-game

GM whispers will have gold text. If you receive a whisper claiming to be from a GM that is not gold, report the player for impersonating an ArenaNet employee.

GM icon.pngGMs are typically invisible while they are working.[4] Official ArenaNet GMs can be identified in-game by several unique characteristics:

  • All GMs have account names of the form "Gm ___.####".[2]
  • GM whisper text is golden rather than purple.[2]

Please note that the Support Team will never use the in-game mail system to notify players of account infractions or warnings. Any such mails are fraudulent and should be treated with caution.[6] The only places where you will receive a message from a GM is via the requests page of the Help Center and via email at the address provided in your support ticket.

On February 28th 2020, a new tag was created to allow Game Masters to selectively trigger a name tag to display "GM" beside their name while visible.


Contacting Customer Support

Submit a ticket.png

The best way to contact Customer Support is to submit a ticket via the Help Center:

List of Support Team agents

  • LGM Dornsinger
  • LGM Magister
  • Senior GM Chiroptera
  • Senior GM Xajjah
  • Senior GM Lucidalias
  • Senior GM Seraph
  • Senior GM Heart
  • GM Apple Merchant
  • GM Ashtzel
  • GM Astaroth
  • GM Auto
  • GM Beagle Bro
  • GM Blue Zenith
  • GM Bulletshade
  • GM Cunorix
  • GM Diamond Dust
  • GM Donut Dragon
  • GM Duck
  • GM Ex Nihilo
  • GM Fighting Fish
  • GM Greebo The Great
  • GM Havgan
  • GM Ignis
  • GM Leopardess
  • GM Massinissa
  • GM Mighty Llama
  • GM Mikberly
  • GM Nyan
  • GM Organic Overlord
  • GM Pikolu
  • GM Plain Yogurt
  • GM Purple Pizza
  • GM Sparkle Heart
  • GM Spoiled Strawberry
  • GM Stone Halo
  • GM Swanling
  • GM Tator Tots
  • GM The All Zeth
  • GM Ultra Viper
  • GM Void
  • GM Wonder Tree
  • GM Zippy the Wonder Squirrel
  • GM Züri König


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