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The Guild Wars 2 Support Team, also referred to as the Support Team, Customer Support, or more informally as just Support, are ArenaNet employees who interact with players to provide customer service as well as enforce the Guild Wars 2 Rules of Conduct in-game. Support Team agents are often labeled as Gamemasters (GM).

Note that not all ArenaNet employees are GMs; GMs refer specifically to those employees on the Support Team. As such, non-GM ArenaNet employees do not have the responsibility nor the powers to do the job of the Support Team.[1]

Impersonating a GM, or more generally any employee of ArenaNet, is a serious violation of the rules of conduct. Doing so will result in the immediate suspension or termination of one's account.[2]

Role of the Support Team[edit]

Customer support[edit]

Support team agents review and respond to support tickets submitted via the Guild Wars 2 support website. After a ticket is submitted, all subsequent communication regarding the ticket is handled via email, with the Support Team messages addressed from


GMs can be found online 24/7 enforcing the rules of conduct.[3] They view and respond to Player Conduct Reports in the order that the reports are submitted via a system they call "the stream".[4] When not responding to in-game player reports, GMs are clearing bots -- the bulk of their work.[3]

Identifying a GM in-game[edit]

GM whispers will have gold text. If you receive a whisper claiming to be a GM and the text is not gold, report the player for impersonating employees.

GMs are typically invisible while they are working.[3] Real ArenaNet GMs can be identified in-game through several characteristics:

  • Senior GMs have character names that begin with "Gm", such as "Gm Madi Walker".[2][5]
  • All GMs have account names of the form "GM ___.####".[2]
  • GM whisper text is golden, not purple.[2]

The Support Team will never use in-game mail to notify players of account infractions or warnings. Any such mails are fraudulent and should be treated with caution.[6]

List of Support Team agents[edit]

  • LGM Dornsinger
  • LGM Evangelos
  • LGM Magister
  • SGM Karate Skool
  • SGM Firstt Aid
  • SGM Lucidalias
  • SGM Seraph
  • SGM Xajjah
  • GM Amazing Spirit
  • GM Arcadian Rhythm
  • GM Astaroth
  • GM Bodacious Bacon
  • GM Broccoli King
  • GM Buddha Xander
  • GM Chip Dipper
  • GM Cunorix
  • GM Ether Nether
  • GM Euphie
  • GM Everhardt
  • GM Frost Giant
  • GM Galactic Bat
  • GM Gnøsys
  • GM Granadilla
  • GM Jeshimiroll
  • GM Lone Wolf
  • GM Mansa
  • GM Mighty Llama
  • GM Mindflayer
  • GM Mjolnir
  • GM Nacktschnecke
  • GM Noreia
  • GM Nyx
  • GM Okto
  • GM One Leg Monkey
  • GM Organic Overlord
  • GM Otterbot
  • GM Outlaw
  • GM Phalanx
  • GM Potato Genie
  • GM Silpale
  • GM Slippy Slide
  • GM Sooorad
  • GM Space Kraken
  • GM Sternschnuppe
  • GM The Lizard King
  • GM Tricky Pixie
  • GM Turbo Taco
  • GM Ultra Viper
  • GM Vanis Joplin
  • GM Void
  • GM Wonder Tree
  • GM Zippy the Wonder Squirrel