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Reporting is the process through which players inform ArenaNet about game or player issues that need to be addressed. Because of the vast scope of running a massively online game in a live environment, the game designers, the Quality Assurance Team, and the Support Team rely on player reports to help catch and respond to problems. See sections below for details on how to report different types of issues.

Reporting player misconduct[edit]

Primary article: Player Conduct Report

Player misconduct primarily refers to violations of the Rules of Conduct but also includes additionally defined unacceptable behavior, such as LFG system abuse. Players can report violations via the in-game Player Conduct Report tool. This tool sends notifications to in-game GMs, who will then investigate and respond as appropriate.[1]

Reporting game bugs[edit]

Primary article: Bug

Bugs refer to errors or flaws in the game which prevents it from working as intended or designed. Bugs can be reported through two main means:

For exploits -- more serious bugs that allow players to gain an unfair gameplay advantage -- please do not publicize the exploit or post about it on the Guild Wars 2 forums. Instead, see the following section on reporting exploits.

Reporting exploits or hacks[edit]

Primary article: Exploit

Exploits are misuses of bugs or features in a way that allows players to gain an unfair gameplay advantage over other players. Hacking refers to using altered game clients or third-party programs for such purposes. This includes misuses that allow a player to generate in-game benefits without the risk or time expected by the game's designers. Exploiting and hacking are serious violations of the Rules of Conduct.

Information regarding exploits or hacks should not be posted or advertised in a public location, including the Guild Wars 2 forums. Doing so is a violation of the Rules of Conduct. Instead, the following channels should be used to report exploits:

  • Players found to be exploiting should be reported using the in-game Player Conduct Report tool. While exploiting, cheating, and hacking are not available reasons in the tool, the Support Team has indicated that "Botting" is the correct choice to use.[2]
  • For general reports, use the in-game Bug Report tool, which can be accessed by typing /bug into chat or by opening the game menu and selecting "Support". This will send the information to QA.
  • You can also submit a Support Ticket; select the dropdown options for "Game Support" and "Report an In-Game Bug".
    • There is an option to "submit your ticket anonymously" for additional privacy. This option does not require you to log into your ArenaNet account.

Reporting account issues[edit]

For account-related issues, including log-in, payment and billing, or Gem Store issues, you may create a Support ticket or use the in-game Support panel. The Support Team will then respond to tickets by email from

Reporting mail issues[edit]

Primary article: Mail

For in-game mail related issues, including players impersonating ArenaNet staff, report using the Report icon.png report icon on the bottom of the mail panel.

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