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A support ticket is a report submitted by a player to the Guild Wars 2 Support Team detailing customer service issues to be resolved. Support tickets are opened via the official Guild Wars 2 Support website, and follow-up communication is exchanged by email. Support tickets are addressed in the order that they are received. As of December 11, 2014, support for the original Guild Wars games is also handled through the Guild Wars 2 support ticket system.

Creating a support ticket[edit]

Support tickets are opened through the Guild Wars 2 Support website. Instructions for how to reach the support ticket page are detailed below. Use caution when entering sensitive account information for a support ticket and make sure you are on the real Support website.

  1. On any webpage of the official Guild Wars 2 website (including this wiki page, or the homepage, click the "SUPPORT" tab at the top-left. This will take you to the Support website homepage (
    • Note: If you are sent to an insecure webpage when linking from the forums, stop, and paste into your browser instead.
  2. At the top right, click "SUBMIT A TICKET".
  3. You can either "SIGN IN" to your ArenaNet account to speed up the ticket process, or "submit your ticket anonymously".
  4. Choose the category which best fits the issue (detailed below).
  5. Complete as much of the form as you are able to, then press "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the page.

Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from with your ticket number. This email confirms that your ticket has entered the support queue, and no further action is required until you hear back from an agent.[1]

Choosing a category[edit]

The Support Team has provided the following guidance for choosing the correct category when filing a support ticket regarding Guild Wars 2-related issues. For original Guild Wars issues, select "Original Guild Wars".

Account Issue: Resetting password, changing account name (e-mail address), issues with/requesting removal of e-mail and/or two-factor authentication, compromised/missing account (error 11), unable to log in due to a block on the account (errors 9, 45), linking your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts.

In-Game Issue: Items/Non-gem currency missing, violation reports, in-game feature not functioning, accidental purchases (in-game item refund requests, purchased or obtained with an in-game currency [including gems]).

Purchase Issue: Error message when purchasing gems, gems not appearing in gem total after purchasing, gem/promotional codes not redeeming properly, refund requests for unspent gems, suspected fraudulent purchase of gems from your account, disabled serial code (error 122).

Technical Issue: Black Lion Trading Post not loading, game crashes to desktop consistently, game freezes, connectivity/lag (latency) issues (errors 7, 42).

GM Talon, Guild Wars 2 forums

Updating a ticket[edit]

Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from with your ticket number. Support agents will also respond via email from the same address. At any time, you can update your ticket with more information by replying to the email and writing your information above the line that says:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Updating your ticket with more information does not negatively affect your position in the queue and may actually help the Support Team resolve your problem more quickly.[2]

You should not create a new ticket to add information to an existing ticket. This will slow down the Support Team as they have to close duplicate tickets.[2]

Transfers and escalation[edit]

A ticket is transferred if it was filed with the wrong department within the Support Team and is refiled into the queue of the correct department. For example, an Account Issue filed under "Purchase Issue" might be filed with the Payments Department and will need to get transferred to the queue of the department that deals with account issues.[1]

A ticket is escalated if they are assigned to senior agents, a Lead GM, or the Game Support Lead. This occurs when the issue is especially complex or a one-off problem that requires more time to investigate or an agent with more authority. Escalated tickets have their own queue.[1]

Both transfers and escalation can result in a longer wait time for the ticket to be addressed.[1]

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