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The Player Conduct Report window

The Player Conduct Report window is the in-game tool for reporting a player to ArenaNet for violations of the Guild Wars 2 Rules of Conduct. Submitting a report will send a notification to the Support Team, which will allow them to review the player's behavior for misconduct and, if the report is substantiated, take appropriate action.

Reporting a player[edit]

The window can be opened generally by right-clicking on a player and choosing "Report" in the contextual menu. This can be done in several different places:

In order to complete the report, a reason must be selected from the dropdown menu. The available reasons are:

  • Botting
  • Inappropriate Character Name
  • Spamming
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Scamming
  • Selling Gold
  • LFG System Abuse

Though cheating, hacking, and exploiting are not available options, the Guild Wars 2 Support Team has stated that "Botting" is the appropriate choice for reporting that type of behavior. This option will indicate to the team to have a GM monitor the player in-game.[1]

Note that abuse of the report tool is not acceptable behavior and may lead to termination of one's account.