Veteran Molten Igniter

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Veteran Molten Igniters are strong charr of the Molten Alliance. They look and function the same as Flame Legion Igniters.


The Mists

Historical locations[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Historical events
Red Shield.png
[Group Event] Hold the line! (34)
Event swords 2 (map icon).png
[Group Event] Stop the Molten miasma deployment (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Burns
  • Flame Spray - Channeled cone attack; often used while moving, 5 hits per sec, causes low damage, Burning.png Burning (1 second) and Might.png Might per hit
  • Backdraft - Channeled; raises its hands in the air, pulls on next attack
Stolen skills