Ad Infinitum II: Upper Bound

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Ad Infinitum II: Upper Bound is a Legendary Backpacks achievement that requires items from the Fractals of the Mists in combination with some specific tasks. This collection is the second step to obtain the second tier of the precursor, Upper Bound.


Ad Infinitum II: Upper Bound Legendary Backpacks.png Legendary Backpacks AP.png
Collect all 11 fractal tier 2 components.Unlock all 11 fractal tier 2 components to work towards building the legendary fractal backpack.
Prerequisite: Ad Infinitum I: Finite Result
Unlock Item:Siege Masters Guide.png Theory of the Upper Bound
Reward:Chest of Loyalty.png Proof: Upper Bound
Collected 1 Fractal Components AP.png
Collected 5 Fractal Components AP.png
Collected 11 Fractal Components AP.png


  • The fractal levels provided under "Acquisition" are the minimum levels that must be completed.
  • Salvaging Finite Result will always yield 5 balls of Dark energy, 2 of which are needed to buy the Aetherblade Handbook and craft Upper Bound.
  • [1] Takes a minimum of 10 days to complete, as you can only earn a maximum of 3  Fractal Research Page.png Fractal Research Pages per day.
  • [2] Doesn't need to be built again if you have already built it. Higher tiers will automatically unlock the collection.

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Dredge Spiral Drill.png Dredge Spiral Drill Purchased from BUY-2046 PFR in the Mistlock Observatory for
30 Pristine Fractal Relic.png
Glob of Molten Fire.png Glob of Molten Fire Purchased from BUY-4373 in the Mistlock Observatory for
200 Fractal Relic.png
+ 80 Silver coin.
Uncategorized Challenge Mote.png Uncategorized Challenge Mote Activate the challenge mote, and complete the scale 36 or 44 Uncategorized Fractal with an 80% reduction to healing.
Snowblind Challenge Mote.png Snowblind Challenge Mote Activate the challenge mote, and complete the scale 27 or 37 Snowblind Fractal with an 80% reduction to healing.
Thaumanova Reactor Timed Mote.png Thaumanova Reactor Timed Mote Complete the scale 15 Thaumanova Reactor Fractal in under 20 minutes.
Molten Alliance Fractal Field Research Paper.png Molten Alliance Fractal Field Research Paper [1] Sold by a vendor in the Molten Boss Fractal for
Fractal Journal.png
Jade Maw Fang.png Jade Maw Fang Trade a Vinewrath Tendril in the scale 20 Solid Ocean Fractal, obtained from the Mordrem Vinewrath in the Silverwastes.
Pollenated Ice Elemental Core.png Pollenated Ice Elemental Core Imbue an Ice Elemental Core in the Silverwastes, obtained from Shaman Lornarr Dragonseeker in the Snowblind Fractal.
Beta Fractal Capacitor (Infused).png Beta Fractal Capacitor (Infused) [2] Make in the Mystic Forge with 1 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence, 1 Gift of Ascension, 250 Glob of Ectoplasm, and 1 Prototype Fractal Capacitor (Ascended).
Weak Magically Charged Infusion Sample.png Weak Magically Charged Infusion Sample Charge a +6 Agony Infusion in a Mist Geyser in the Molten Furnace Fractal.
Aetherblade Handbook.png Aetherblade Handbook Sold by a vendor in the Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal for
Ball of Dark Energy.png

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