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Councilor Jamhuri

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Amnoon must remain independent. Our doors have always been open—it's how we've survived this long! The moment we pick a side, we're asking for trouble from the others.

Councilor Jamhuri

Councilor Jamhuri is a member of the Council ruling the Free City of Amnoon. She vouches for the city to remain independent.


Path of Fire[edit]

After becoming a member of Amnoon's City Council, Jamhuri worked to keep the Free City of Amnoon independent while emissaries sent by Palawa Joko attempted to sway the council to annex Amnoon into Joko's empire.

In 1330 AE, the rogue god Balthazar's army of Forged invaded the Crystal Desert and had an effect on trading with their blockades and raiding parties while also driving many inhabitants of the desert to flee to Central Tyria as refugees. At Chief Councilor Imann's behest, Joko's government sent representatives of the Mordant Crescent led by Archon Iberu to Amnoon to offer military support against the Forged. During this time Jamhuri and the other councilors met with delegates from Tyria: the Krytan ambassador Kasmeer Meade and the charr Rytlock Brimstone. She also witnessed the arrival of other outlanders from organizations like the Consortium, Durmand Priory and the Black Lion Trading Company to the city.

The Pact Commander eventually met with the council as well to learn more information with which to track down Balthazar and end his rampage. Imann had already heard much about the Commander's heroic deeds from the Tyrian delegates and decided to ask for the Commander's help in settling a sensitive political matter. Her fellow councilors were indecisive about whether to keep Amnoon independent or align with the Order of the Sunspears and Kormir's priesthood or Palawa Joko's kingdom for help. Each option had its pros and cons, and Imann wished to hear the opinion of an outsider who had earned a respectable reputation and who might offer the council a fresh perspective. After some deliberation, the Commander chose one of the three options which the Chief Councilor supported in turn. Depending on the Commander's choice, Jamhuri was either thrilled or appalled by the Chief Councilor's decision.

While the Commander was away chasing after Balthazar, the councilors faced the consequences of the Commander's choice and did their part to shape the future of Amnoon. Imann and the other councilors focused on helping the relief effort of displaced refugees instead of prioritizing on the needs of nobles whose houses had been buried by a recent sandstorm, which earned them the ire of some citizens in Amnoon while others were grateful for the council's aid or understanding of their priorities.[1]

After the Commander had defeated Balthazar in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar and returned to the victory celebration in Amnoon, most of the council was absent from the festivities save Imann. Jamhuri would learn of the Commander's deeds, however, and began calling the Commander as the Hero of Amnoon.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Shortly after the celebration, Amnoon was assaulted by the Branded when a sudden Brandstorm created by the empowered Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik hit the city. Imann, Zalambur and the Pact Commander's allies from Kryta evacuated a number of civilians via airship while the Commander, local defenders and the dragon Aurene fought off the invaders.[2]


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]



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