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Subject Alpha

Subject Alpha is the main enemy and signature boss of the Crucible of Eternity's explorable mode. He is fought three times on each path and will use different skills depending on the path chosen by the party.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]


  • Morphic Abilities


  • Teeth of Mordremoth - A series of spiked rocks launched in a cone in front of him. Alpha uses this on the first and third paths.
    • Alpha will usually look at the player he's about to target a couple of seconds before actually using the skill.
    • The spike AoE is tiny at the beginning but becomes huge when reaching maximum range.
    • Spike cone expands extremely fast, reaching maximum range in less than 0.5 seconds, making this attack extremely hard to dodge.
    • Standing inside Subject Alpha (can be done by dodging on him) usually makes this attack completely harmless.
  • Teeth of Primordus - Causes a PBAoE fire blast that inflicts burning while spawning multiple teeth (similar to Dragon's Tooth) that crash to the ground after 2 seconds, dealing high AoE damage and burning. Alpha uses this on the first and second paths.
    • Alpha raises his arm for this skill's animation.
    • Teeth don't spawn on players in melee range of Alpha.
    • Teeth may spawn above all players, pets, minions, illusions and summoned cretures, potentially making all these a hindrance more than anything else.
  • Teeth of Jormag - Two red rings form around all players in combat; the inner ring will either have ice or a light blue mist inside it, and each of them causing different effects after a short time. Alpha uses this on the second and third paths.
    1. If the ring has ice in the center it's safe to stay in the middle of it, as anything else within the two circles will be hit by a rock spike corona that heals heavy damage and inflicts 6 stacks of bleeding.
    2. If the ring has blue mist it's safe outside the inner circle, as an ice spike will hit in the middle dealing heavy damage and inflicting 6 stacks of bleeding.
    3. The type of AoE can also be determined if the outer ring is blinking. If it is blinking, then the ice spike will occur; however, if it is solid, then the rock spike will occur instead. The rock spikes can be avoided by simply standing in the middle of the AoE.
    • These rings easily overlap due to size, so it's recommended to dodge after about 2 seconds.
    • Only one ice spike will spawn each time and most of the time on the same player. Other players will deal with rock spike coronas.
    • Red rings spawn under players, pets, minions, illusions and summoned creatures, potentially making all these a hindrance more than anything else.
    • Players in melee range don't get damaged by the rock spike corona (red rings with ice will still appear). Be wary that ice spike will always deal damage even to players in melee range, that when many rings are overlapping it's difficult to tell if there is an ice spike among them and that is Alpha moves at the last instant the rock spikes will deal damage. For these reasons it's always reccomended to dodge.
  • Imprisonment Crystal - Alpha imprisons a player in a purple crystal that can be attacked and destroyed by other players. While inside the crystal, players will be unable to use skills with activation times. Alpha will use this on all three paths, but only during the second and third encounter.
  • Summons fragile Bone Tendrils that use melee attacks and can be rallied off of. Alpha uses this skill on all three paths, but only during the second and third encounter.
  • Alpha spews Alpha's Essences around the edges of the room which then attempt to run back to him. If they're allowed to reach him, they'll be consumed and restore some of his health. Alpha uses this skill on all three paths, but only during the second and third encounter.

Stolen skills[edit]


Final encounter[edit]

Silver coin 30 Copper coin