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Beastmastery is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on improving your pet's abilities.

Per point:

Healing Power.png Healing Power +50
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Pet Attribute Bonus +50
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Instinctual Bond 50 When you are downed, your pet gains quickness.
Master Trait ranger.png Loud Whistle Reduces recharge on pet swapping.
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Nature's Wrath Gain power based on your healing.
Adept Trait I.png Speed Training Reduces recharge on pet skills.
Adept Trait II.png Master's Bond Your pet has a bond with you that increases its attributes each time you kill a foe. When it is defeated or deactivated, the bond is reset.
Adept Trait III.png Shout Master Reduces recharge on shouts.
Adept Trait IV.png Compassion Training Pet healing attributes are increased.
Adept Trait V.png Commanding Voice Pet skills (F2) recharge faster.
Adept Trait VI.png Mighty Swap You and your pet gain might when they are activated.
Master Trait VII.png Rending Attacks Pets inflict bleeding when they critically hit with their basic attacks.
Master Trait VIII.png Stability Training 10 Pets gain stability when disabled.
Master Trait IX.png Intimidation Training Activated attack abilities (F2) for pets cause cripple. This effect will only occure once on each target affected by abilities
Master Trait X.png Vigorous Training Pets grant vigor to nearby allies when activated.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Zephyr's Speed You and your pet gain 3 seconds of quickness when you swap pets.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Natural Healing Your pets have natural health regeneration.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Invigorating Bond 20 Your pet heals allies in an area when executing a command [F2] ability.