Rise of the Crescent

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Rise of the Crescent is a Rare Collections achievement.


Rise of the Crescent Rare Collections 5Achievement points
Unlock 16 Mordant skins in your wardrobe by crafting or using the Trading Post. Recipes can be purchased from renown vendors in the Crystal Desert after unlocking Awakened weapon skins.
Reward:Buried Treasure.png Lost Treasure of the Great Zehtuka
1 of 1 skins unlocked 1Achievement points
5 of 5 skins unlocked 1Achievement points
10 of 10 skins unlocked 1Achievement points
16 of 16 skins unlocked 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]


  • As the basic and named versions share the skins, the collection can be completed through any combination of the two sets. The named versions can be found as loot, whereas the generic Mordant weapons may only be crafted.
Mordant Sickle.png Mordant Sickle
Mordant Slicer.png Mordant Slicer
Mordant Key.png Mordant Key
Mordant Slayer.png Mordant Slayer
Mordant Crusher.png Mordant Crusher
Mordant Longbow.png Mordant Longbow
Mordant Warclub.png Mordant Warclub
Mordant Revolver.png Mordant Revolver
Mordant Bonespitter.png Mordant Bonespitter
Mordant Cesta.png Mordant Cesta
Mordant Scutum.png Mordant Scutum
Mordant Infantry Bow.png Mordant Infantry Bow
Mordant Crosier.png Mordant Crosier
Mordant Edge.png Mordant Edge
Mordant Brazier.png Mordant Brazier
Mordant Trumpet.png Mordant Trumpet
Item TP buy price TP sell price
Mordant Sickle.png Harsab the Divider of Severance
Mordant Slicer.png Aloeth, Revel in Ruin of Severance
Mordant Key.png Taham, the Adversary of Severance
Mordant Slayer.png El, Left Hand of Joko of Severance
Mordant Crusher.png Sama, Profane the Wondrous of Severance
Mordant Longbow.png Banur, Who Targets the Just of Severance
Mordant Warclub.png Melki, Misshapen Offering of Severance
Mordant Revolver.png Thag, Cycle of Tears of Severance
Mordant Bonespitter.png Namot, Night Whisperer of Severance
Mordant Cesta.png Chag, Led into Darkness of Severance
Mordant Scutum.png Sarthel, Concealing Truth of Severance
Mordant Infantry Bow.png Pega, Who Fattens the Vulture of Severance
Mordant Crosier.png Gamal, Poisoner of the Well of Severance
Mordant Edge.png Cothol, Fieldburner of Severance
Mordant Brazier.png Lacan, Denied Respite of Severance
Mordant Trumpet.png Eiron, Bellowing Grief of Severance