Grand Weapon Crate

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Achievement Chest.png

Grand Weapon Crate

Item type
Account Bound
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Contains your choice of a unique exotic weapon.

— In-game description


Ascended Accoutrement Rare Collections.png Rare Collections Central Tyria mastery point 100 Arenanet Points.png
Unlock these 18 crafted ascended armor skins in your wardrobe.Ascended into crafting greatness.
Title: Title icon.png Grand Artisan
Reward:Achievement Chest.png Grand Weapon Crate
Unlocked 1 Crafted Ascended Armor Skins 10 Arenanet Points.png
Unlocked 9 Crafted Ascended Armor Skins 15 Arenanet Points.png
Unlocked 18 Crafted Ascended Armor Skins 75 Arenanet Points.png
Name Buy Sell
Anton's Boot Blade.png Anton's Boot Blade
Arc.png Arc
Arthropoda.png Arthropoda
Beacon of Light.png Beacon of Light
Bonetti's Rapier.png Bonetti's Rapier
Cobalt.png Cobalt
Combustion (scepter).png Combustion
Crustacea.png Crustacea
Crystal Guardian.png Crystal Guardian
Cutthroat Caller.png Cutthroat Caller
Entropy.png Entropy
Exterminator.png Exterminator
Genesis.png Genesis
Guild Defender.png Guild Defender
Impaler.png Impaler
King's Remembrance.png King's Remembrance
Knowledge is Power.png Knowledge is Power
Komalie's Sacrificial Blade.png Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
Levvi's Detector.png Levvi's Detector
Lord Taeres's Shadow.png Lord Taeres's Shadow
Mecha Anchor.png Mecha Anchor
Monsoon.png Monsoon
Occultist Flame.png Occultist Flame
Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn
Stein of Celebratory Beer.png Poyaqui's Noggin
Razah's Nightmare.png Razah's Nightmare
Rockweed Spire.png Rockweed Spire
Scepter of the Highborn.png Scepter of the Highborn
Shiverstone.png Shiverstone
Song of the Temptress.png Song of the Temptress
Stardust.png Stardust
Truth.png Truth
Twin Talons.png Twin Talons
X6-31 Beta.png X6-31 Beta