Ascended Recycling

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Ascended Recycling is a Rare Collections achievement.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Ascended Recycling Rare Collections 10Achievement points
Collect and consume 6 powerful items from salvaging ascended gear.
Title: Title icon.png Fatebreaker
Reward:Fractal Reliquary.png Fractal Reliquary

Salvaged Greatness — Salvaging ascended armor has a chance to yield this item.
Salvaged Puissance — Salvaging ascended weapons has a chance to yield this item
Salvaged Grandeur — Salvage ascended rings for a chance to yield this item.
Salvaged Excellence — Salvaging ascended amulets has a chance to yield this item.
Salvaged Brilliance — Salvaging ascended accessories has a chance to yield this item.
Salvaged Dignity — Salvaging ascended backpacks has a chance to yield this item.
Consumed 1 Rare Salvaged Item 3Achievement points
Consumed 3 Rare Salvaged Items 3Achievement points
Consumed 6 Rare Salvaged Items 4Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item TP Buy TP Sell Salvaged from
Salvaged Greatness.png Salvaged Greatness Ascended armor
Salvaged Puissance.png Salvaged Puissance Ascended weapon
Salvaged Grandeur.png Salvaged Grandeur Ascended ring
Salvaged Excellence.png Salvaged Excellence Ascended Amulet
Salvaged Brilliance.png Salvaged Brilliance Ascended Accessory
Salvaged Dignity.png Salvaged Dignity Ascended back item


  • This achievement is automatically available, but hidden until the first item is acquired and consumed.
  • All items are acquired as rare drops from using Ascended Salvage Tools.