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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Luminescent armor collection. For the Sunrise III: Dawn collection item, see Bioluminescence (trophy).

Bioluminescence is a Rare Collections achievement.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title. Bioluminescence Rare Collections Central Tyria mastery point 30Achievement points
Unlock all 18 luminescent armor skins in your wardrobe."Even in the deepest darkness, there is some light"
Title: Title icon.png Light in the Darkness
Reward:Raider's Chest of Ascended Armor.png Ascended Armor Chest

Luminescent Pauldrons
Luminescent Greaves
Luminescent Gauntlets
Luminescent Tassets
Luminescent Breastplate
Luminescent Helmet
Luminescent Shoulderpads
Luminescent Boots
Luminescent Vambraces
Luminescent Leggings
Luminescent Jerkin
Luminescent Mask
Luminescent Mantle
Luminescent Shoes
Luminescent Gloves
Luminescent Pants
Luminescent Vestments
Luminescent Cowl
Unlocked 6 Luminescent Armor Skins 5Achievement points
Unlocked 12 Luminescent Armor Skins 10Achievement points
Unlocked 18 Luminescent Armor Skins 15Achievement points

Collection items[edit]