Acolyte of Dwayna

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Acolyte of Dwayna is a Rare Collections achievement.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Acolyte of Dwayna Rare Collections 10Achievement points
Prove your piety by collecting all of the vestments of Dwayna."Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded.
— Sculpture of Dwayna, 115 BE"
Title: Title icon.png Acolyte of Dwayna
Reward:Large Achievement Chest.png Dwayna's Reliquary

Collected 1 Vestment of Dwayna 2Achievement points
Collected 3 Vestments of Dwayna 3Achievement points
Collected 6 Vestments of Dwayna 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Related item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)