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Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom

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Map of The Dark Library.
Disambig icon.png "Writings of the Last Spearmarshal" redirects here. For the text of these writings, see Unknown (Yahnur Plateau)#Text.

Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom is a Hidden Rare Collections achievement unlocked by completing the five Open Skies Map achievements.

After finishing the Open Skies collection achievement for all five crystal desert maps, use your Spearmarshal's Plea to return to the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal and begin placing down all the eggs and runes by interacting with the placeable icons. This will complete the Sunspear Sanctuary collection and start the Sunspear Wisdom collection.

After receiving the Divine Passage, head to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and reopen the portal by interacting with the tear in reality at the back of the chamber. This will return you to Kormir's library. Once inside, you will need to kill elites with the Key Hoarder.png Key Hoarder effect to obtain Kormir's Library Key. A key is consumed upon opening a Cache of Sunspear Wisdom to retrieve a volume so 10 keys are required in total. Progress is saved if the instance is left.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom Rare Collections 3Achievement points
Collect 11 books on Sunspear history from Kormir's sanctum.
Collected 0 Books on Sunspear History 0Achievement points
Collected 1 Book on Sunspear History 1Achievement points
Collected 11 Books on Sunspear History 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes