Exaltation of the Guardians

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Exaltation of the Guardians is a Rare Collections achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Exaltation of the Guardians Rare Collections 3Achievement points
Recover 5 lost Guardian statues.Statues of fabled guardian beasts would be created by talented sculptors, to protect the kingdom in a monarch's absence.
Prerequisite: Last Rites
Reward:Royal Funerary Glove Box.png Royal Funerary Glove Box

Guardian Elemental Statue — Hint: Join the explorers in Desert Highlands on their grand search for Superior Buried Treasure.
Guardian Sand Lion Statue — Hint: Use casino coins to purchase goods from the casino blitz cashier.
Guardian Hydra Statue — Hint: Defeat the doppelganger hunting people near Augury Rock.
Guardian Junundu Statue — Hint: Sabotage the Maws of Torment and destroy the Legendary Forged Demolisher.
Guardian Sunspear Statue — Hint: Clear the Branded Forgotten zealots from the Grand Court of Sebelkeh.
Collected 1 relic of the Primeval Dynasty 1Achievement points
Collected 5 relics of the Primeval Dynasty 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]