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Dungeoneer is a Rare Collections achievement.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Dungeoneer Rare Collections 15Achievement points
Collect the ascended accessories from each dungeon."The dungeon you fear to enter holds the rewards you seek."
Title: Title icon.png Dungeoneer
Reward:Massive Achievement Chest.png Dungeoneer's Grandmaster Chest

Forgeman's Gear — "If you survive long enough to follow me, I'd love to show you my latest creation." - Kudu
Baelfire's Ember — "You cannot stop me from becoming a god!"—Imperator Gaheron Baelfire
Faolain's Blossom — "Here at last, dearheart. Are you prepared to join me?" - Grand Duchess Faolain
Bane's Tooth — "Drink deep, and grant me your power!" - Kodan's Bane, The Huntsman of Jormag
DeLana's Coinpurse — "Fools! You've let her slip her bonds!"—Separatist Captain DeLana
Zhaitan's Claw — "Something big is coming." - Captain Vandem
Adelbern's Burden — "You will join my kingdom! You and all the world of the living!"—King Adelbern
Kudu's Phasing Matrix — "You realize I have a small army of golems on my side." - Kudu
Collected 1 Ascended Dungeon Accessory 3Achievement points
Collected 4 Ascended Dungeon Accessories 4Achievement points
Collected 8 Ascended Dungeon Accessories 8Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

The items in this collection are all contained in the reward containers for the dungeon-related Basic Collections achievements, so completing those achievements is a de facto prerequisite for this achievement.