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Open Skies: The Desolation

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Open Skies: The Desolation is a hidden Rare Collections achievement that is unlocked when the player interacts with the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Open Skies: The Desolation Rare Collections 3Achievement points
Collect 9 relics to restore the Sunspear sanctuary. Collected 1 Sunspear Relic 1Achievement points
Collected 9 Sunspear Relics 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition Map
Spearmarshal's Plea.png Spearmarshal's Plea Received after interacting with the Last Spearmarshal. Sunspear Sanctuary map.jpg
Ashhe, the Rune of Valor.png Ashhe, the Rune of Valor Embolden the descendant of two famous Sunspears on a dangerous patrol in the Desolation to acquire this relic. 150px
Virzak, the Rune of Compassion.png Virzak, the Rune of Compassion Explore a ruined Sunspear shrine in the Desolation to acquire this relic. Virzak, the Rune of Compassion map.jpg
Ancient Sunspear Flags.png Ancient Sunspear Flags Purchased from Dunkoro for 25 Gold coin. 150px
Prayer Lights.png Prayer Lights Purchased from Kisha Odili for 25 Gold coin. 150px
Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg.png Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg Collect this egg from the griffon roost in the Desolation. Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg map.jpg
Dark Canyon Griffon Egg.png Dark Canyon Griffon Egg Collect this egg from atop the links of a broken chain in the Desolation. Dark Canyon Griffon Egg map.jpg
Pale Canyon Griffon Egg.png Pale Canyon Griffon Egg Collect this egg from atop a spire near Chukeht Overlook in the Desolation. Pale Canyon Griffon Egg map.jpg
Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg.png Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg Found in the griffon nest on a bluff overlooking the Ruination in the Desolation. Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg map.jpg