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Bloodstone Harvest

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Bloodstone Harvest is a hidden achievement in the Anomalous Occurrences achievement category. Killing a bloodstone-crazed creature, or finding a Bloodstone Sliver reveals the achievement.

The same bloodstone-crazed creatures are needed for the Bloodstone Sightings achievement, to find them you can use Levvi's Device.

Note that one Bloodstone Sliver is located in Verdant Brink, requiring Heart of Thorns to complete the achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Bloodstone Harvest Anomalous Occurrences 20Achievement points
Recover the bloodstone slivers that have affected creatures, and collect the remaining slivers in the world before they can do more harm.
Reward: Bloodstone Visage.pngBloodstone Visage Skin

1 Bloodstone Sliver Collected 1Achievement points
5 Bloodstone Slivers Collected 3Achievement points
10 Bloodstone Slivers Collected 6Achievement points
15 Bloodstone Slivers Collected 10Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes