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Fion is a Guild Decoration Trader that offers special guild hall decorations.


Items offered[edit]

Item Rarity Cost
Deluxe Wyvern Trophy.png Deluxe Wyvern Trophy BBasic
Deluxe Vine Wall.png Deluxe Vine Wall BBasic
Deluxe Charr Copter.png Deluxe Charr Copter BBasic
Tequatl Tailbone.png Tequatl Tailbone BBasic
Mordremoth Mandible.png Mordremoth Mandible BBasic
Triple Trouble Tooth.png Triple Trouble Tooth BBasic
Chak Gerent Eye.png Chak Gerent Eye BBasic
Shatterer Crystal.png Shatterer Crystal BBasic
Commemorative Weapon Stand.png Commemorative Weapon Stand BBasic
Zephyr Lantern.png Zephyr Lantern BBasic
Snow Pile.png Snow Pile BBasic
100 Snowflake.png Snowflake
Snow Mound.png Snow Mound BBasic
250 Snowflake.png Snowflake
Red Lantern (decoration).png Red Lantern BBasic 88 Copper coin + 
Red Lantern (decoration).png Red Lantern BBasic 88 Copper coin + 
Red Lantern (decoration).png Red Lantern BBasic 88 Copper coin + 
Red Lantern (decoration).png Red Lantern BBasic 88 Copper coin + 
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin BBasic
Super Cloud.png Super Cloud BBasic
Fragments of the Solid Ocean.png Fragments of the Solid Ocean BBasic
Vale Guardian Pieces.png Vale Guardian Pieces BBasic
Gorseval Tentacle.png Gorseval Tentacle BBasic
Sabetha Flamethrower Fragment.png Sabetha Flamethrower Fragment BBasic
Slothasor Mushroom.png Slothasor Mushroom BBasic
White Mantle Abomination Crystal.png White Mantle Abomination Crystal BBasic
Bloodstone Turret Fragment.png Bloodstone Turret Fragment BBasic
Keep Construct Rubble.png Keep Construct Rubble BBasic
Xera's Ribbon Scrap.png Xera's Ribbon Scrap BBasic
Cairn the Indomitable Shard.png Cairn the Indomitable Shard BBasic
Rec Room Floor Tile.png Rec Room Floor Tile BBasic
Impaled Prisoner.png Impaled Prisoner BBasic
Fragment of Saul's Burden.png Fragment of Saul's Burden BBasic
Desmina's Token.png Desmina's Token BBasic
River of Souls Token.png River of Souls Token BBasic
Statue of Grenth Token.png Statue of Grenth Token BBasic
Dhuum's Token.png Dhuum's Token BBasic
Conjured Amalgamate Token.png Conjured Amalgamate Token BBasic
Twin Largos Token.png Twin Largos Token BBasic
Qadim's Token.png Qadim's Token BBasic
Djinn Teleportation Device.png Djinn Teleportation Device BBasic
Djinn Teleportation Device Exit.png Djinn Teleportation Device Exit BBasic
Djinn Launching Device.png Djinn Launching Device BBasic
Cardinal Sabir's Token.png Cardinal Sabir's Token BBasic
Cardinal Adina's Token.png Cardinal Adina's Token BBasic
Ether Djinn's Token.png Ether Djinn's Token BBasic
Beetletun Statue Fragments.png Beetletun Statue Fragments BBasic
Portrait of Caudecus.png Portrait of Caudecus BBasic
Chandelier.png Chandelier BBasic
Streets of Divinity's Reach.png Streets of Divinity's Reach BBasic
Mounted Dolyak Head.png Mounted Dolyak Head BBasic
Fancy Urn.png Fancy Urn BBasic
Portrait of Logan Thackeray.png Portrait of Logan Thackeray BBasic
Lynx Statue.png Lynx Statue BBasic
Plush Rug.png Plush Rug BBasic
The Heart of the Priory.png The Heart of the Priory BBasic
A Day in Kryta.png A Day in Kryta BBasic
Oakheart's Essence (gizmo).png Oakheart's Essence BBasic
Conditional items

This item is only displayed for sale if you have the appropriate currency in your inventory. (Does not count items in your bank vault.)

Item Rarity Cost
Stout Ale Keg.png Master Brewer's Keg BBasic
Historical prices

The following items had their cost changed as a result of the Wintersday 2017 update:

Item Rarity Cost
Snow Pile.png Snow Pile BBasic


  • Originally seasonal decorations could only be acquired during their respective festival. This was changed in January 2018 to have them be available year round.