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Special Event.png Bazaar of the Four Winds[edit]

Bazaar of the Four Winds releases
Bazaar of the Four Winds banner.jpg
Bazaar of the Four Winds
Festival of the Four Winds 2014 banner.jpg
Festival of the Four Winds

Event items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Festival Token.png Festival Token
Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box.png Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box
Favor of the Bazaar.png Favor of the Bazaar
Favor of the Pavilion.png Favor of the Pavilion
Favor of the Festival.png Favor of the Festival
Fortune Scrap.png Fortune Scrap
Golden Fortune Scrap.png Golden Fortune Scrap
Kite Fortune.png Kite Fortune


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Lightning Catcher.png Lightning Catcher Skin
Sun Catcher.png Sun Catcher Skin
Wind Catcher.png Wind Catcher Skin
Zephyrite Helm.png Zephyrite Lightning Helm Skin
Zephyrite Sun Helm.png Zephyrite Sun Helm Skin
Zephyrite Wind Helm.png Zephyrite Wind Helm Skin


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Mini Panda.png Mini Panda
Mini Poowulpi the Persnicketous.png Mini Poowulpi the Persnicketous
Mini Peggellegg the "Pirate".png Mini Peggellegg the "Pirate"
Mini Kookoochoo the Incredulous.png Mini Kookoochoo the Incredulous
Item Acquisition Trading Post
Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack.png Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack

Special items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Quartz Crystal.png Quartz Crystal
Gift of Quartz.png Gift of Quartz